Dr. Vinod K. Gupta

PhD (Psychology)

Thinker and Psychologist,

Former Advisor of Organisations Like ONGC, CCL etc. 

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  1. “Any symptom for a short duration like increased heartbeat, acidity, gas in stomach, irritation in throat, sneezing, etc. does not represent sickness but gives you message for future happenings in the form of intuition and gut feelings?”
  2. “Initially backache is a warning signal?”    
  3. “Our liver performs minimum five hundred activities?”                          
  4. “Our liver is the only organ that can fulfil the requirements of food of our body through sun light and water?”
  5. “Air once consumed by lungs is no more air but a vital force which can cure any kind of trouble, if we can care the troubling organ like a mother?”
  6. “Our heart performs minimum five hundred activities in a single beat? It connects you with both the universes and helps in finding real soulmate?”
  7. “Giving movement to anus as horse does after passing the stool, not only keeps you healthy but can help you in making decision for creating better future?”
  1. “Reaction of biochemical processes working inside our body is responsible for making us sick?”
  2. “When our performance is represented by biochemical processes working inside, a miracle happens, and the world gets mesmerised?”
  1. “Psychology is a window that transforms biology working under the skin into successes/or failures which are witnessed by others?”
  2. “Better definition of ‘Personality Development’ can be increasing the diameter of window of psychology that helps the biology to be transformed through our performance?”
  3. “Personality Tests developed by Professor Raymond Bernard Cattell and his team are competent enough in quantifying under and above the skin behaviour?”
  4. “Its high time for developing technology and interpretation skills for helping the individual as well as society in general and organizations in specific?”
  5. “MTH specializes in such interpretation skills and provides customised training?”

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