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This is for the first time when a psychologist provides door to door services to its clients. Meaning – psychological tests which are developed in laboratory conditions are being used for ‘life’. We don’t have anything to impress you but I have everything to help you.

That is, you will find creative use of psychological tests and the data accrued will help you to:-


1. Decide what should be your next step in the direction of success, happiness, and health.

2. The desire which can attract the means for its fulfillment.

Application of such services can be multifold, i.e from acquisition and Merger of a loss-making company to converting the same into profit making through the process of potential assessment of manpower and bringing the attitudinal change. The beauty of the whole process is there will be a minimum financial investment but through the feeling of pleasure while excelling on the job.

About Dr. Vinod K. Gupta

Dr. Vinod K. Gupta, Ph.D. (Psychology)

Thinker and Psychologist




  1. Connecting the individual profile in a manner that each move of any couple must contribute to protecting the Planet Earth with its natural constituents.
  2. For children between the age 8 to 12 years – (a) are affectional needs of a child are met through parenting and nurturing? (b) Is growth of child’s personality supported by the school education or is there a need for change? (c) If yes, then what?
  3. Between age 12 to 15 years – (a) for parents – is it a normal growth? In case of some conduct problem – is it the reflection of normal growth? Or he/she requires some specific treatment? (b) Adolescents curious to know – how can I explore my uniqueness? How can it be realized? Am I competent to fulfill the dream of my parents? If not, then what else? How can I learn the process of giving and take of love (affectional needs)?
  4. Age 15 years and above – (a) what subjects I must opt-in class 11th or what professional education I should continue? (b) For skill development what kinds of habits should I develop? (c) Do I possess the ability to adjust to the ups and downs of married life?
  5. For Adults – (a) for career, health, and relationships how can I be effectively handling my own self? What are the prospects of my money earning, making or creating capacity?


Education: Ph.D. (Psychology)


Specialization: Potential Assessment and Career Planning


Skills: Writing, interpretation of data, mentoring and driving happens without my efforts. My intimate friends call me ‘sleeper driver’ who dreams and visualizes but covers the distance by car single-handedly from Mumbai to Delhi, Dehradun, Agra and Mumbai without the accident. (Those work through talents, they either die or suffer severe injuries in accidents. In fact, accident proneness is not guaranteed of accidents.)

Credits: Honored by Bhartiya Kala Kunj, Dehradun (Uttarakhand) as

“Chikitsa Martand”

Late Bharat Ratna and President APJ Abdul Kalam accepted Col. SP Wahi, Ex-Chairman (ONGC) as his role model in one of the interview. I reported to Col. Wahi about ‘result producing future behavior’ of a manager for about 20 years. Out of which for 10 years I assisted him when he was heading ONGC as Chairman. In appreciation Col. Wahi wrote, “Dr. Gupta an expert in human psychology was appointed to carry out an analysis of each individual including mine. He was very accurate about individual potentials of people and their I.Q. He followed me to Cement Corporation of India and ONGC”.

 I worshiped Prof. Cattell as Eklavya in Mahabharata worshiped Guru Dronacharya. Had I been his student I would not have developed beyond his teachings. I developed because my wisdom guided me as I realized my being. In fact, my whole work is how to come out from the clutches of personality and realize the purpose of ‘being’ or feel meaningful.

Did monitoring of data of 20,000 people for a considerable period of 20 years with their actual life happening? This helped me to understand, ‘how personality factors (first order and second order traits established by Prof. Ramond B. Cattell and associates) contributed to success and failure in the oil industry?’

‘Dr. Gupta was a new name. We thought Sharmaji; General Manager (HR) might have obliged someone. After seeing Dr. Gupta I was surprised how I will pass my time of three days. Now I am sure if the program continues for another 10 days Dr. Gupta will impart scientific contents in the form of the novel and original inputs without repetition’, commented one of the participants of, “Self-Appraisal and Self Development” developed for General Managers of NPCC, New Delhi. Another participant commented, ‘we may have a western or eastern psychologist. One is good in measurement and another is master of Yoga but no one can substitute Dr. Gupta who is excellent in appraising you through western tools and gives you solutions of do-it-yourself exercises like a Siddha Purush for your development.’

Successfully conducted residential workshop for 8 ONGC executives on “Getting support from ‘Nature’ for the cure of chronic diseases like cardiovascular problems after a heart attack, problems of walking after the paralytic attack, severe diabetes, hypertension, etc. with the help of “Magic of Heart”.

It was 101 days program out of which 11 days were for training inputs during the workshop and 90 days were for ‘Do – it – Yourself Exercises’ on the job.

Feedback of clinical investigations suggests a direct link between the ‘desire’ and ‘the cure’ for the chronic disease.



Published the following books:


  1. Gauravshali Jeevan Kaise Jiyen, Dimond Publications, New Delhi (Creative use of stress-related problems for achieving success, feeling happy and having health.)
  1. Jeevan Mein Safal Kaise Hon, Dimond Publications, New Delhi ( First part deals with ‘need for self-development’ and the second part emphasizes ‘Integrated effort and mental health on a wider spectrum of Indian Psyche as a means for attaining success.)
  1. Jeevan Sutra, Caxton Publication, New Delhi (Marital harmony and prospect of marriage in economically competitive life.)
  1. Aao Jivan Mein Rang Bharen – Diamond Publications, New Delhi
  1. Vartmaan ko Arth Den Safalta Aapke pichhe Bhaagegee – a new value system for the person in view of changed socio-economic scenario – FLAREUP Enterprises, Navi Mumbai
  1. Success is a trick (Once you understand your ‘Uniqueness’) – A mantra of excelling on the job for getting support from People and/or ‘Nature’, applied for copyright from the USA and in the process of publishing.
  1. Safalata Chutkiyon Mein – Understand Your Uniqueness (Introduction to a training program on ‘Magic through Heart – a recipe of an Industrial Psychologist.) – under print
  1. Success, Desire, and Nature – seven chapters of the book are completed. It will take a year for completion.
  1. Khula Aakash – Fiction ready for publication. People from Osho Rajneesh Ashram in New Delhi commented after reading, ‘he is an extension of Rajeesh’.
  1. Mahangaee Kiske Liye – Report of the studies conducted on various groups of Indian Society. The sample covers data of more than ten thousand people from all walks of life from all the states of the country – underprint.
  1. Meri Koshish Hai – a collection of poems
  1. Srijan Ke Xan – a collection of poems




  1. Orissa Cement Limited, Rajgangpur, Orissa
  2. Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, Hardwar, Uttarakhand
  3. Cement Corporation of India, New Delhi
  4. Dalmia Magnesite Corporation Ltd., Selam, Tamil Nadu
  5. Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd, Dehradun/New Delhi
  6. National Projects Construction Corporation, New Delhi
  7. Engineers India Limited, New Delhi
  8. Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd., Chandigarh
  9. Systopics India Ltd., New Delhi
  10. Interpreted the psychological data of the employees of Indian


  1. Interpreted the psychological data of Indian Army


At seventy

Repair of Internal Organs without Surgery

Recent involvements:

 In the year 1994, I was posted in Nazira, ERBC, ONGC Assam and got an attack of gastritis. The condition was very severe and was admitted to ONGC’s local clinic. Cardiologist detected some problem in the heart after three ECGs. Later I contacted our Delhi office and was referred to National Heart Institute for TMT. Subsequently, I was referred to Ganga Ram Hospital for my urinary problem. After pre and post sonography of kidneys and bladder I was advised by the urologist:

  1. Right kidney had cysts like sleeping monster.
  2. During stress, the bladder was unable to pass all the urine. As a result remaining urine was causing stress. For about two months of treatment, I have suggested surgery of the bladder.
  3. Likewise, I underwent surgery for my Hernia in 2012. At the time of discharge, I have suggested Hernia in right side also which was to be operated after two to three months.
  4. Enlarged prostate gland was also observed in 2012.

Now after 21 years at the age 70 years I got a similar attack of gastritis due to the reaction of medicine for hypertension and allergy of skin. Reports are enclosed for verification.

Based upon the experience, monitoring of 20,000 cases for twenty years, introspection of my feelings during physical exercises of joints of bones and muscles, and de-charging of Negativity I evolved my own method for responding to Natural Selection and getting support from people and Nature. Results of the clinical investigation reveal following:

  1. Cysts on right kidney are simple cysts like a friend.
  2. Without surgery, the bladder is able to pass urine without any residue.
  3. A hernia has not been detected during sonography.
  4. The problem of prostate subsided.
  5. Lungs are completely clear though I was taking medicine, namely Stamelo Beta for last four to five years.

It is not important had such results reflected at the age 30 or 35 years. But the age 70 years I am running is the old age, known for departure from this world. At such age, internal repair without surgery is very important. It is only possible when ‘will live’ has been completely active in life. Secondly, it was possible with the help of excelling in my activity of ‘writing and filling the gaps through visualization’.

Now my efforts are focused on two aspects:

  1. I must breathe in a normal way, and
  2. Coronary damage during infancy must be recovered.

Like others, I am bound to commit mistakes because I am a human being and believe in experimenting. Simultaneously, I have a right to review my habits, my efforts, the relations and try to learn every day something new.

I realize I have good capacity to fill the gap and give excellent shape to the feeble and confusing data. This motivates me to use scientific discoveries and help the individuals who are seeking the way out to their problems related to their health, relationship and the career. It is self-motivating break-through and people are benefiting because of big and frightening problems solutions are very simple but we never think of.



Aarambh Complex CHS, Flat No. 204, Plot No.2, D-Wing,

Sector-12, New Panvel (E), Navi Mumbai-410206.

E-mail ID-vinode2006@yahoo.com,

Mobile: 09004389812, 09322689812

Website: www.magicthroughheart.com  & MTH.ORG.IN


Dated: June 4, 2016                                          (Dr. Vinod K Gupta)