Fourth Pillar of Democracy

Dr. Vinod K. Gupta,

Thinker, Writer and Psychologist

I am a regular reader of Navneet, Aaj Ka Anand, Times of India and visit almost most of the Hindi and English News Channels on TV. In March2019, Navneet has published an article titled, Udbodhan written by English writer Nayan Tara Sehgal who invites the reader to take side of Freedom of Speech. She has referred Nasiruddin Shaw, those involved in the conspiracy of killing Modi and created an impact as if PM Narendra Modi is a dictator who is a threate to India’s freedom. I don’t know much about Ms. Sehgal as I have not witnessed her on TV. But I regularly and very sincerely read Aaj Ka Anand. Except pages related with Astrology I am very particular about editorial page and page devoted to Osho Rajneesh.

Since I want to learn, therefore I read that touches my heart. I read that hurts me because I feel I am not a final authority to declare good or bad. Many times, “truth” is very obnoxious, but we have to accept it. Editor of Aaj Ka Anand Shri Shyam Agarwal criticises astrology in his editorial. On next page which is fully devoted to astrology and inside the paper he gives information regarding ‘Lal Kitab’ that is also related to astrology and some other occult sciences. He has also loudly declared need of Freedom of Speech.

In case someone questions, “Why do you publish articles on astrology when you criticise astrology in your editorial?” His possible reply would be, we must take care the requirements of our readers for business reasons increasing readership and circulation of our various News Papers – Hindi, English and Marathi.

Since Indians believe producing kids is their right without bothering, they are adding to Population Bomb. Since in democracy and available medical facilities it is difficult to decide whom Nature allows to survive? However, they don’t differentiate between right or wrong; friend and enemy but politicians have infused hope to live life of luxury for fetching their vote. Hence, astrology, and other occult measures are used to attract them.

It is not limited to only with Aaj Ka Anand but almost all the News Papers and TV Channels practice this strategy. Because we believe what is witnessed by our eyes is more authentic than hearing through ears. The fact behind this truth is when 100-billion-unit information (multiply by 100 with the population of India) our eye, most intricate sense organ of our existence provides 1-unit information to the brain. Since we are getting continuously, we feel it is more than enough.

Almost all TV channels and film industry are surviving on this fact. Many times, I surprise how famous Editor-in-Chief of TV channel is unable to give common sense reply for simple event? In fact, he has not acclimatized with life but mastered only in his job. All the film stars have large fan-following due to their acting. Those dominate as film star are brilliant and have leadership quality.

Maha Nayak Amitabh Bachchan has been declared Super Star of the century is active at the age 76 years and is rated ‘popular’ among 10 top stars. His dialogue in “Deevar” movie ‘Mein aaj bhi fenke hue paise naheen uthaata’ has been very popular.

One day I asked my maid servant, “If this hero (south Indian) offers you to have love with him, will you go far?” Her reply was, ‘This is a cinema for our entertainment, but life is different.’

I, therefore, request Ms. Sehgal to practice Anulom-Vilom. Practice to the extent that you can feel incoming and outgoing of breath in your complete respiratory system. Forget all other things except breathing. There will be a moment you will listen beat of heart and beat in the Nature. A synchronicity will happen. Then, you will realize our body receives 1-million-unit information through other sense organs like ears, nose, tong, skin, etc. Off-course, decoding this information is a difficult job but imagine the possibilities of success with the one who receives only through eyes.

De-coding is difficult since it requires help of our heart, lungs and abdomen. Heart informs what is right or wrong, enemy or friend, opportunity or challenge? Lungs suggests the status of relationship with the intimate. Abdomen gives you gut-feeling regarding future occurrences. Those suffering with respiratory problems, heart problems, digestive problems and cancer they can’t benefit but they are master politicians who claim to win elections.

When Britishers went America, Australia, Newzeland, etc. they killed the local inhabitants. In US elections have you ever noticed the issue of Red-Indians. On the other hand, India they ruled by divide and rule. They infused Superiority in Indian Muslims. Today, Indian Muslim suffers with inner complex of Superiority. BJP wants them to live like Hindus. Congress is planning to win their confidence by supporting their inner superiority.

In the process of divide and rule Britishers found two deities – Hanuman and Ganesh who could help them. Hanuman is brilliant, powerful, very loyal, has enormous powers but cannot take initiative. That is, he will not take a decision unless Lord Ram does not instruct. In fact, Hanuman is the best example of bureau-ocracy. They prepare the file to assist the boss who takes a decision. Likewise, except Gandhi almost all Indian leaders advanced the agenda of Britishers. Even fire brand, Bal Gangadhar Tilak unknowingly advanced their agenda. That is, worshiping Ganesh in Maharashtra who represents the mentality of ‘son of the soil’.

Many a times, I apprehend God knows better when Raj Thakre, MNS begin agitation against UPians and I have to go back to Moradabad where no one knows me except my old friends. Once I was about to be beaten by a young lad in my one street where I lived more than 20 years.  

Since my 9th class Mahatma Gandhi and Eiensten were my role model. For my father Gandhi was a very clever person who was living in Harizan Basti but was taking the milk of goat. For others he was Mahatma and father of Nation but for me he taught “desiring”. Recall! when he was thrown from the train in South Africa. What happened? He desired freedom from British Rule. Rest is a history. Finally, India got Freedom in 1947.

If I am correct Gandhi could percieve freedom of India in 1931. Afterwards, he only worked to establish Nehru as his heir. Instead of this had he worked to change Judicial System as per the requirements of the country the world might have not been facing the problem of “terrorism”. As Indian revolutionaries and Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose were fighting for freedom  but were not criminals. However, their approach was opposite to Gandhi but  all were patriotes.

British judiciary was competent enough to handle the freedom fighters. For example, Bhagat Singh and his associates were sentenced to death. Chandra Shekhar Azad sent a message we will help you to comeout while coming from court to jail. Bhagat Singh at the age 23 years refused the suggestion with a comment, “To make the deafs listen to you, sometimes you have to shout loudly.” Hence, he preferred the death sentence. Do we know he was not believing in God and was an athiest? I feel with his faith in his own values he deserves equal status to Gandhi who is known responsible for freedom of India and father of Nation.

Instead of establishing Nehru his heir, he might have not been in the grip of High Blood Pressure. He should have changed the judicial system as per the requirements of the country. Today, Judicial System developed by Britishers is inefficient in handling the terrorist or a psychopath. Putting him behind the bars is no answer as after completing the term he continue with same practice.

If PM Narendra Modi is adopting zero tolerance policy against terror and developing a system of attaching their property in India and abroad of those financial absconders who cheated the banks and run-away. What is wrong in it? I feel two types of approaches adopted by political commentators. That is, completely committed to Patriotism and International Humanism. In connection with my self-developed research project I have seen the ugly side of journalists also. They are master of communicating to the masses the way they have planned but they don’t relate it to their own life.  

Unfortunately, humanism is a very ‘misnomer’ word. Laloo Prasad Yadav who is behind bars against ‘Chara Ghotala’. He wants best medical facilities for his sickness. Do we know or not that anybody who doesn’t prepare to cross the hurdle of Natural Selection? He/she must face the justice of Nature. Instead of providing best kind of Medical Facilities to a terrorist, criminal or psychopath, he/she must be left to Natural Justice. To me, medical practioners are a great threat to Mother Earth than terrorists because they are responsible for their survival. Otherwise, their sickness would have killed them.

Do you think Laloo Prasad Yadav will change after completing his jail-term. Off-course, there are possibilities of inner transformation. Those have transformed within, they must be given opportunity. Who will be the authority? Supreme Court? Not at all. Then, who? The psychologist. The psychologist who share debate on TV channels? No, they don’t understand their own life. The one who can perceive in future and has capacity to create future. In fact, Supreme Court must decide at the advice of such psychologist.

This I am suggesting because I have studied personality of 80,000 people from all walks of life. It ranges from unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled tribal workers of Distt. Sunder gad of Orissa. For about two decades I have been suggesting Chairman (ONGC), Padma Vibhushan Col. (Dr.) SPWahi, “Who is the manager who will give results?” For more than 20 years I have monitored the data of Top-Managers with their real life happening.

I request Ms. Sehgal. She must visit my Web site: and go through the tests suggested, so that, she can add to her quality of life. Life is not limited to politics. She can use her talent in improving the quality of life of people. Suggest how danger of explosion of population bomb can be controlled? How women of India prove her creativity without producing kids?

                                                                                               Dr. Vinod K. Gupta                                                                                    Thinker, Writer & Psychologist

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