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Thinker, Writer & Psychologist

Reporter Ruby Liyakat Ali enquired PM Modi, “I never find you tired. What is a secret behind your never-ending energy?” His reply was I always remember workers, police personnel, defence cops who work in all types of environmental conditions without losing their heart.

Prime Minister Narendra Damodar Modi is a not a psychologist. He replied in a way which motivates him. As a psychologist I wish to inform you. For survival and making a place meaningful on this Mother Earth, three characteristics – Resilience, Resourcefulness and Self-Motivation are a must. Without which nobody can have better ‘quality of life’. Let us discuss one by one. You will observe his total life revolves around these characteristics.


After undergoing through stress, people shatter. Some people when they undergo through stress, they become more powerful, strong and confident. The ability that helps is known as ‘Resilience’. After every seven years our body takes new shape. Since this change is in the total body, therefore our appearance doesn’t change. In fact, it is our psychological mental make-up because of which we suffer from life-long diseases.

For example, I was diagnosed high B.P. at the age 36 years when I underwent through Medical Check-Up before joining ONGC at Gurgaon. It continued till the age 73 years. Now I am running 74 years of age and I am free from problems of B.P. Likewise, throughout I suffered stomach problems like acidity, gastritis, and lose motion. I was diagnosed by Apollo Hospital a chronic patient of Bronchial Asthma. Now don’t feel such problems. Earlier during walking few steps I used to feel breathing problem. Yes, I get tired, but I don’t suffer with such problem. What is this? This is due to ‘Resilience’. To me life means learning – de-learning – learning.

Do we know, “What is de-learning?” It is not forgetting. If it is forgetting, it will boomerang at inappropriate occasions and we will suffer the loss may be in kind or quality. De-learning is we detach our ‘ego’ from the learnt material.

Not all but some people are lucky who are blessed with ‘Resilience’. Prime Minister Modi falls in this category.


The moment you wake up from sleep. If you jump from the bed and are ready to face any challenge of the day. You will be known as a man of ‘Resourcefulness’. In fact, you are supported by your unconscious, the physical body which you care like a mother of new-born baby. Recall! Air Strike by Indian Air Force after Pulwama.

The whole night PM Modi was with the monitoring team of Air Force in Control Room. Next day morning he was in Churu and addressing the public meeting. Could you observe tiredness? No, he was as fresh as he used to be on other occasions. This is resourcefulness. In layman’s language, we call it favoured by “luck”. Opposition leaders suspect conspiracy for winning the elections. Hence, blame him for match fixing and using the defence services for his gains.


In India, Natural Selection refers to might is right. This is not true. Natural Selection is – Nature questions the living and non-living existence, “Why should you be allowed to survive?” The moment one proves its deservedness. Nature allows.

 In animal kingdom each one is a prey. Sometimes, hyenas eat old and lonely lion. In democracy, it is difficult. For example, before advancement in medical services nine out ten new born babies used to die. The one who survived was considered as the one whom Nature allowed. Now with advancement in medical sciences whosoever is born is survived. It is difficult to identify. Therefore, the criterion to judge is – level of Self-Motivation of the person.

With Self-Motivation I am reminded my own experience. After termination of PL-480 grant by Nixon administration. I joined “The Psycho-Centre”, a distributor of IPAT, Illinois, USA tests for South East Asia. First day, I saw the 16 PF (Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire) developed by Prof. Raymond Bernard Cattell. Out of curiosity I filled the test. In the evening when Dr. SD Kapoor came to office he enquired about day’s performance. I showed him the answer sheet which I filled. He helped me in scoring and converting the raw scores into Sten-scores. After seeing the profile, he told me that you must be lacking ‘Achievement Motivation”. I told the results of Thematic Apperception Test developed by Murray. This test I administered on me during my Master’s days. My ‘abasement and achievement’ needs were on top and ‘sex’ was on seventh.

Next day, he helped me in calculating Second Order Factors and Derivatives. My ‘Extraversion’ score was “1”, Self-Motivation” was 11.10 and “Creativity” score was 13.9. Since we cannot measure ‘introversion’, therefore absence of ‘extraversion’ is considered as ‘introversion’. From my Ranchi and Agra Mental Hospitals, experience I knew that extreme introverts are found in Mental Hospitals, but I am not. Then, who am I?

This is a journey of self-exploration since November 1973 to till date. I am a son of ASM, in Northern, Railway. Started my career as untrained teacher in District Board’s primary school and was getting Rs.90/= per month salary. From that level I grew as a Psychologist. Studied 80,000 people from all walks of life. For about 20 years I helped (Late) Col. SP Wahi, past Chairman, ONGC by suggesting, “Who the Manager is who will deliver results?” Manager whom I did not recommend. Later, he was made Project Head by other Management. There has been continuous fire in one of the wells of KG project during his tenure. Late (Bharat Ratna and President) APJ Abdul Kalam accepted Col. Wahi as his ‘role model’ during an interview with Himachal Times, Dehradun.

The only problem with extremely high Self-Motivation is – it doesn’t allow the person to be a family person. I was thrown by my family at the age of 57 years due to my too much commitment to psychology.

Now You can compare the life of PM Modi who has risen from a very poor family background to this position of Prime Ministership. I can assure you about him. With his ‘Resilience, Resourcefulness and Self-Motivation’ he can never be a dishonest person. In fact, it is his total commitment to give “best” of each breath till he is alive. In fact, he is a role model for others, especially the youth.

I wish to suggest him for handling problem of unemployment effectively. He must use his experiences of ‘Resilience’, ‘Resourcefulness’ and ‘Self-Motivation’ instead of encouraging the masses to follow their rituals, cultural values and feeling pride in history. Psychologically, whosoever is controlled by personal experiences loses the capacity to learn for creating future.

For example, PM Modi is residing in New Delhi but staying alone. He is still seeking the blessings of his old mother, meeting the brothers but not favouring them. This is known as ‘emancipation’ i.e. you are respecting your roots but working to grow as an open-minded person. Anybody attached to the place where born and brought-up loses the ability to grow independently. In today’s competitive age one must be resilient, resourceful and self-motivated.

Similarly, he must consider that unemployment is the problem of whole of the world. Why? Through women-empowerment we are psychologically developing a wife as competitor to her husband. Such approach is dangerous to true ‘male-hood’. Like other animals, birds etc. after some time true ‘male-hood’ will be a rare commodity. A true male never returns home blank handed. What is un-employment? Lack of capacity to prove one’s metal in open market.

Achievements of Civilization are – home, father and meaning of ‘being’ as worth being. We have houses but not the homes. Before civilization father was not known. After civilization it is father who helps his pregnant wife during pregnancy. Helps her growing the children. Helps the child in realizing one’s potential.

Likewise, civilization gave the opportunity to feel worth being by giving “best” on the job may be in service or personal capacity.

Therefore, instead of women-empowerment wife must be empowered to feel joy of ‘orgasm’. No husband (not referring to the single person) can give his “best” on the job unless he considers his wife is a partner to complete the journey as dependable friend. Without maintaining the levels of resilience and resourcefulness he cannot help his wife in enjoying the joy of ‘orgasm’. Off-course, level of ‘Self-Motivation’ must be within limits. As extremely high self-motivation causes a barrier in one’s capacity to ‘receive love of and give love to intimate partner’. In case of PM Modi high self-motivation suggests that he has risen from very poor background and has made his position among top leaders of the world.

Following this approach PM Modi will give direction to the world facing the problem of un-employment and health hazards.

                                                                                                                                                Dr. Vinod K. Gupta,                                                                                                              Thinker, Writer & Psychologist

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