Why Continuous Tussle between Finance Minister & Opposition Parties?


Why PM Narendra Modi’s Agenda for Vikas is not Digested to Opposition or the Media?

Dr. Vinod K. Gupta,

Thinker, Writer & Psychologist

I will not be able to specify a fitting reply, unless I detail my personal experience. In 1969 I was appointed as Part Time Demonstrator-cum-Lecturer in KGK College, Moradabad. One day a known person came to me and asked, “Would you like to teach Statistics to a student of MA (Previous- Economics)? You will get Rupees 150/= per month.” My consolidated salary from the job was only Rupees150/=. It was a great attraction for me, and I readily accepted the offer.

You might have learnt regarding positive learning effect. This time I experienced negative learning effect. That is, what I learnt as student of Psychology was creating negative impact. Those experienced they realize that learning is easy but de-learning is very difficult.

Those suffer old age blues. Their great problem is they cannot de-learn their past habits. After the age of 60 years we have to ride hill-rock higher and higher each year with the increase in age. Like clothes we are wearing we have to put-off during climbing. Similarly, we must de-learn our old habits. For example, during working phase consuming 4 chapatis with rice, dal and subji was justified. After retirement, in absence of exercise, those 4 chapatis will add to our weight which may be fatal. Hence, we must change with the requirements of the body.

Since, in Psychology individual is a ‘unit’, therefore the formulas use “1” for calculating Central Tendency or Deviation. On the other hand, in Economics individual is like a commodity. Therefore, for the calculation of Central Tendency or Deviation formulas used are in points. As a result, my understanding of psychology was creating a barrier in teaching statistics to my student.

Despite having good intentions Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitley is not able to convince the opposition. Don’t think that opposition has better approach, but they are bound to criticise as per the demand of politics. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is Motivational Speaker who inspires the masses and very powerful orator. Besides this, he is excellent Event Manager and is committed to improve ‘quality of life of people’. Even then, he is not able to show his achievements to common man. Many times, common man suspects regarding his assertion on Vikas. Why? Due to the approach of Economics which convincing the outsider who is willing to invest in India because he is interested in returns.

When he says this much crore has been invested for this purpose. As a common man I want to know, “How am I benefitted?” No doubt I am benefitted but Modiji has to use his motivational skills. Hence, the opposition has a clear opportunity to call him “feinkoo”. As a psychologist, for the first time we are witnessing such a committed Prime Minister who is self-actualized person who can create future of the country.

I feel India is lucky to have such a Prime Minister who will complete the jobs which Mahatma Gandhi could not do because of which the whole world is suffering with the problem of terrorism. My only suggestion to him is that terrorists, psychopaths and criminals be left to the justice of Nature who don’t prepare to cross the hurdle of Natural Selection. In fact, Doctors are great threat to Mother Earth than these people who treat them for their sickness. We must rise above politics.

Dr. Vinod K. Gupta,Thinker, Writer & Psychologist

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