Interpretation needs support from intuition and the ability to peep into future

Seema introduced me to her brother and sister-in-law. They were married for seven years but did not have a baby. Initially, I used Color Test. The way her sister-in-law gave her choices for the ‘violet color’, it was indicative of either immaturity or pregnancy which she was not. Later on, I administered CAQ and MAT on the couple. Correlation between the couple on 16 factors was +.40 which was not in favor of child bearing. Then, I calculated the changes in factors due to rising in age. Based on the calculations I told they will take minimum 6 years of having a kid.

Ideal correlation between husband and wife is ‘zero’. The moment it moves towards +- 1.00 it will create problems. Dr. Kapoor carried out a study for the ‘follow-up’ of the families whose one of the partner went for family planning measures. It was a mega project on pre and post-study which established an increasing rise in similarity on personality factors between the couple after surgery. In many cases I observed when the correlation between the couple was above +0.40, they had a disabled child. There are changes in ‘personality’ due to increasing age, environmental effects, death in the family, economic ups and downs, exercise, treatment, counseling, etc. All such changes are responsible to influence the similarity pattern which affects ‘child producing capacity’ of the couple.

They did not have faith in psychological assessment. Hence, they went for all kinds of treatments and practicing religious rituals like visiting temples, observing fast, distributing fruits, etc. I was keeping track of their activities because I my self-was interested to test my own intuitions. Despite all kinds of treatments, they went for, and when Siemens modalities were improved after the treatment, the result was ‘nil’. Remember, it is not a sickness that changes personality. It is the personality that causes sickness.

Exactly after six years they got a baby (son). What I feel in this case, during interpretation I was not solely depending upon the data. Many times, apparent data are misleading. The kind of challenge I feel while interpreting the data helped me. During that period I stretched my self which activated my intuitive faculties to come to my rescue. Then, I was able to project and then visualize the data on a wider horizon of future. At such occasions, I feel my body becomes more activated than my brain.

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