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The book deals with helping you to understand the nature of the problem you are facing as an individual at different levels, i.e. physical, psychological, intellectual and spiritual levels. Then it suggests the possible solution to each problem. The next part deals with the problems you are facing on the family front and their possible causes and solutions at different levels. Last part of the book deals with the problems you are facing on the social front, specifically on work as well as the political front. If you have questions regarding life, family and social fronts it makes you clear about the cause and solution at different levels. The style of the book is more of a conversationalist and analytical in a philosophical manner. At least after writing so many books, I can not imagine a better way of explaining a problem than what has emerged through unconscious writing. In fact, I used my field experiences during either data collection or feedback session with my subjects. If you interest you more.

One of my friends suffering from hypertension, diabetes, enlarged heart and insomnia reported to me that, the book worked like a guide and friend whenever she was in trouble. As a result, her sickness was managed with fast recovery. In fact, it was an additional support during her treatment.

ISBN : 81 – 288 – 0566 – 5, 9788128805660

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