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At some point in time, you realize, had you been blessed with something more, life would have been much better. But as time has already passed you can not do any alterations. After such realization, you feel at least I will protect my children from such mistakes. As a result, you want to make your child conscious of the problem you have faced. Unfortunately, your children mistakenly consider you the one who always puts restrictions on their aspirations.

The book deals with the concern of parent and narrates how they can explore their hidden potentials and talents. The first part deals with what is self-development. The second part deals with how one can develop.

Again, the book will interest those who are curious about their own development and have many-many doubts and questions regarding self-development. It helps them understand why self-development is essential? Now, once someone is convinced about the requirement he would want to know the ‘hows’. The second parts deal with the questions, i.e. how one can develop?

When first part uses philosophical approach, the second part deals with the psycho-social approach and suggest you the means for self-development.

ISBN : 81 – 288 – 0364 – 6, 9788128803642

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