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Psychological Assessment For Organizations ServicesOrganizational Services

MTH will perform a psychological test (link it with psychological Test page) and will do counseling for providing you following amazing rare organizational services:

  • Identification of managers who can give results,
  • Motivating the workforce for giving the ‘best’ only through placement,
  • Developing the manager for giving ‘results’,
  • MTH also does potential assessment and selection for your organization.


MTH provides you other organizational services which can be done in a multifold form such as from acquisition and Merger of a loss-making company to converting the same into profit making through the process of potential assessment of manpower and bringing the attitudinal change. The beauty of the whole process is there will be a minimum financial investment but through the feeling of pleasure while excelling on the job.

MTH also undertakes with a guarantee that; the performance of the selected person will confirm its recommendations. MTH has witnessed where ever the possibility of quantification of the performance existed; it has confirmed the recommendations developed through psychometric instruments at the time of screening.