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  1. MTH guides you to answer

Do your style of parenting and the kind of schooling help in Personality Development of your growing child?

Are the parents aware of a balance between autonomy and control?

Do I possess the potential to fulfill the dream of my struggling parents?

How can I realize my ‘uniqueness’ by opting for specific educational training?

Do I possess the ability to adjust to the ups and downs of my future married life?

World over parenting and nurturing are provided as per their tradition. None of the parents focus on fulfillment of affectional needs of the child or adolescent. As a result, in India and the countries with the similar culture, youth are interested in making fast and easy money. In western countries, youth go for gun shooting due to non-fulfillment of affectional needs.  MTH with its quantification skills helps the parents, child, and adolescents.