Will I prosper in this career?

There are 4000 to 66000 possibilities

Vijay was studying in class XIth. He was my wife’s younger brother. Throughout he dreamt to join defense services. He passed various tests in NCC which were a demonstration of his ‘active interest’ in Defense Services. He asked me to study his personality and suggest the probabilities. I conducted The 16 PF on him. Results suggested, ‘he could perform better through the activity of a physician’. He was from the family of homeopathic doctors. I suggested him ‘he should go for homeopathy’.

I came from Agra. It was morning around 7.00AM. Vijay was weeping because dhobi did not press his NCC uniform. For the whole day, he remained sad. In the evening my mother-in-law asked me to go with him to Har-ki-Pauri for a change. We were in the market he paid regards to one gentleman with folded hands. In response, he enquired, “Why didn’t you come to the test?” Vijay, out of black mood could not reply. “In morning dhobi didn’t press his dress. Throughout the day he has been very sad,” I explained. “He could have come in plain clothes we would have allowed him. It was simply a written test. He has been a very good cadet,” his NCC teacher was very supportive.

Today, Dr. Vijay is a very renowned homeopathic doctor practicing in Delhi and has been treating dreaded diseases like cancer. Continuously for years together he had been using my specialization for his typical cases who were not responding to medicine. I on the basis of my psychological testing have been suggesting him, “On what should he focus on treating the patient.”

Later on, I used to ponder. At least I could not foresee because of dhobi’s carelessness, ‘He will not join the defense.’ I am reminded that Professor Cattell mentioned in one of his books that for happening any incidence there are between 4000 to 66000 possibilities. Circumstances cannot be explained but it can be foretold through the responses given by the person whether it will happen or not.

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