I may be very competent but as a person, I am very casual. Like others, I don’t plan my moves. In fact, I don’t know what I am going to do next. Mr. S.K. Manglik took over charge of ONGC as Chairman. After two months Shri Jauhari Lal, Member (Personnel) desired that I should fix up with him for visiting Himalayan Institute for his stress test. It was all of a sudden. I went to his office and met Mr. Rajani, his PS. Mr. Rajani, within 10 minutes, asked me to go into his chamber.

Mr. Manglik took out some papers from his pocket. He picked up one paper and unfolded it. He started reading, “You conducted a test on me in 1982 and told me like…You conducted the test in 1984 and suggested me … In 1987 you again conducted the test and diagnosed blood pressure. Yes, I developed high blood pressure. Why don’t you conduct another test on me?” Sir, the “16 PF”, I excitedly asked for his permission.

You know, for last 2 to 3 years no one gave me the assignment of psychology which could give me thrill. Now I found, ‘Chairman ONGC is carrying a paper in his pocket concerning my suggestions about his improvements.’ I was really excited. “Do you think Chairman ONGC should fill a questionnaire?” he questioned. Subsequently, he desired for the Color Test. Through the Color Test, I could demonstrate my skills of interpretation to his brother Dr. Arjun Gupta, Chairman, Mathematics Deptt., Green University, Ohio. When I showed huge data of each corporate executive which was to be processed and comprehended for their elevation to next position; Dr. Arjun asked me, “How do you handle such huge data?” On my behalf, Mr. Manglik replied, “Arjun! Don’t think only Americans work. Indians are also working and Dr. Gupta is one of them.”

Time was fixed with him. I reached his office at 7.00 PM. We together walked to his bungalow. After the formalities, I started my job. Administered the Color Test and discussed the results. When everything was discussed I felt some gut feeling which I wanted to share with him but I was afraid also because I was punished by my seniors in ONGC only for my gut feelings. Therefore I started, “Will you punish me if share my gut feelings?” After his assurance, I shared, “Sir, your results, (especially emotional restlessness which I didn’t mention to him) is giving indications as if your period in ONGC will be known as ‘Period of turmoil”. After a pause, he thoughtfully agreed, “Yes, ONGC will be converted into Corporation. Shares will go to market. You may be right.” This time I was not punished but Mr. Manglik began keeping distance. He didn’t use my services for ONGC.

By turmoil, I did not mean like this. My understanding was that support from other board members to him as well as support from ‘nature’ would not be available to ONGC during his tenure. Neither he asked further, nor do I continue sharing my gut feelings.

Throughout his tenure, he was not in talking terms with one of the members of the board. There had been a continuous fire in one of the wells in KG basin. There was a rupture in the pipeline. Three top floors of Vasundhara Bhawan were smashed by fire. This is also true during his tenure ONGC gave maximum oil and gas production from Mumbai High which was the result of his efforts. He was a very hard working Chairman of ONGC. But he could not transform within from Head Production to Chairman, ONGC.

This has happened with most of the corporate executives who were elevated to board level in ONGC on the basis of their past records. Actually, they could not transform within for the elevated position. Probably, selection criterion of PSEB is not competent enough to look into such micro aspects which block the growth of the organization. However, what Mr. Manglik apprehended that also occurred. ONGC went to stock exchange.

Secrets of the defeat of Indian cricket team in World Cup 2007 revealed by media have reconfirmed my hypothesis, “In case leader is unable to resolve his emotional restlessness, support from ‘nature’ is difficult to avail.” I don’t mean you just appoint somebody as a leader and go for measuring his ‘emotional restlessness’. Certainly, if leader represents the team/group for sufficient time, his inability to handle his own ‘emotional restlessness’ will be a guarantee of not getting support from ‘nature’.

I had a feeling that in case of Mr. Manglik, I was in a position in helping him in getting support from ‘nature’.

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