(When ‘natural calls’ are ignored as a demonstration of strong ‘will-power)

Dr. D.P. Sharma, a naturopath:
Demands of body must be taken care

For fifteen years I continuously suffered from dysentery. Symptomatically, for the time being, most of the therapists helped me but my disease was not cured. I was successfully helping others but I had been suffering miserably. Even Dr. Kandpal could not help me much. Imagine my mental agony and the disease.

I was returning from the office. All of a sudden I feel hungry. I reach home and inquire about the food. My wife serves the fresh food within fifteen-twenty minutes. Those fifteen-twenty minutes are very critical. With the passage of each second, I develop acid in the stomach. Gastro-juices begin troubling me. I cannot resist. I cannot wait for another second. I need food, urgently. I am restless. I become irritated. I want to smash everything. Now food is served. By the time I eat one chapatti my stomach is full. I cannot take further. Next day, my wife has prepared the food and serves me. I refuse. No, I don’t feel like eating.

In the year 1995, I was referred to Dr. D.P. Sharma, retired from Ordinance Factory, Dehradun. He was a practicing “naturopath”. He held my pulse for about 15 minutes. From various angles, he pressed my stomach. For more than 10 minutes he put his ears on my naval area and listened to the sound. He pressed me both the ears from all sides. He listened to the pulsation of my outer ears. After a thorough examination, he told me that my digestive system was completely blocked. “How am I alive,” I retorted. “Just because of your life,” he explained.

The disease, with which I suffered for fifteen years, was controlled by Dr. Sharma within three months. Under his treatment I learned food in itself is a medicine. Only you should know the requirements of the body.

When I met Dr. Sharma he was 64. He was fond of trekking from Dehradun to Dhanaulty on foot; the distance was around 60 km. His philosophy of life was similar to Lala Harcharan Das. Initially, he charged his fee. One day he refused to take a fee and said, “Aap Jaise vidwan se paise Lena Shobha Nahi data. (It does not look nice to charge a fee for a man of wisdom like you.)” We, later on, became friends. We used to discuss a lot about life, philosophy and the saints of repute to whom he was a consultant. He taught me tricks of treatment which I tried with many people. I found results within ten-fifteen minutes. Afterwards, I realized with those techniques only symptomatic relief could be provided. For cure use of past experiences, de-charging of negative energy and regular sweat producing physical exercises are the only treatment.

In January 2001, Dr. Sharma returned from Jabalpur. He was severely sick and was taken to the nursing home. After thorough medical check-up it came out that his heart was enlarged, kidneys were shrunken and there was soiling in his liver. Similar to Lala Harcharan Das his passing away was very miserable.

To me, history was repeating. Since I could not witness passing away of Lala Harcharan Das, therefore I was making realizations through his confessions. He developed depression. Out of attachment, I had been visiting him daily during lunch hours. He used to tell me his agony how has he been suffering from the idea of committing suicide. He used to repent of his over-confidence and controlling the normal desires:

“I have trekked five kilometers. I am thirsty but will not take water because I wanted to see how much I can have control over my thirst. I forgot the requirements of the body. Dr. Gupta, you were right in your approach. The body has its own importance. Its needs should not be ignored for the sake of ‘willpower’. I am suffering because I took mind is supreme.”

During my stay at Dehradun for twenty years, I had studied the personalities of well-known saints of repute at Hardwar, Rishikesh and surrounding area who were commanding lots of followers because of their mystical powers. Results of their personality assessment reveal,

You can deceive others because you want to demonstrate to your disciples that you are above ‘desires’. You can deceive yourself because you want to feel that you have attained a ‘hypothetical state of desirelessness’. You cannot deceive your body that constantly keeps you in touch with reality.
“Your chronic sickness is not a curse but as a result of the wisdom of your body. The disease is an outcome of incorrect adjustment. Adjustment is a constituent of survival need. In fact, the disease is a representation of character traits and personal history. It shows that requirements for survival needs are not met correctly either for the sake of demonstrating powers of the brain or ‘will-power’.”

Since nothing can be quantified after death, therefore you are at a liberty to develop your own interpretations regarding, ‘during passing away why does a person develop one or the other disease?”

Ancient literature like Vedas, Upanishads, Aaranyaks, etc. are full of various theories regarding ‘death and after death’. You will find lots of rationalizations and intellectualizations. When it comes to getting support from nature, many times these rationalizations are not able to give proper direction. Moreover, the body is ‘above all’ that gives way to the fulfillment of our cherished ‘desire’.

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