*If you wish to jump from reptile (self-centered and security oriented) mentality to skilled society if you wish corruption-free society if you wish minimum road accidents then certainly you will need to consider HRD (Human Resource Development) superior to HRM (Human Resource Management).

*During rains we share the protection of umbrella but we don’t encourage anybody to sit in our luxurious car. That is, in case of insecurities we feel ‘fear’ jointly and enjoy our struggle. The moment prosperity comes in life we feel insulted when our partner expresses ‘anger’.

*Anybody who can demonstrate superiority over the computer is considered brilliant. Likewise, who can increase productivity by minimizing human error is recognized as best manager. It suits employers and administrators but the person who practices in personal life loses the ability to create the ‘future’.

*Money earning/making are influenced by the socio-economic status of parents but ‘creating wealth’ requires only your creative potentials and a ‘desire’ which should be developed and nourished by your emotions of ‘anger’ and ‘compassion’ respectively.

*Salaried people can be developed for economic freedom because they need not to put extra efforts to pull on their family budget for another six months. Likewise, young women can also be developed because they are blessed by creativity. In case, they feel apprehensive, it refers to that they have not been exposed to the opportunities which teach how to convert house into ‘home’.

These are the impressions of Dr. Vinod K. Gupta who has silently been working for last fifty years. He has studied 80,000 people of the country from all walks of life. He has monitored 20,000 employees of Oil & Natural Gas Commission/Corporation for a considerable period of 20 years. For about 10 years he has reported to Chairman, ONGC regarding who the manager is who will give results? The tests he uses take minimum three hours from a person who fills it up. These tests are developed by (Late) Prof. Ramond Bernard Cattle, IPAT, Illinois, USA.

Dr. Gupta believes God who created this world. If he visits, nobody will accept him as God. Therefore he is eager to find a person through him/her he can improve the quality of life of common man. Anybody who makes him convinced regarding his/her suitability he lends all the resources to him/her. The process of establishing suitability Dr. Gupta calls is finding the meaning of his/her existence. Let us see what training he suggests.

Question: What motivated you to do?

Dr. Gupta – I was working with Orissa Cement Limited, Rajgangpur, Orissa as a consultant. Manager (Personnel) Shri VP Sood asked, “Can we change Personality?” My reply was, “No”. As a result, my consultancy was terminated in 1978. I was virtually on road. It was difficult to pull on financially to manage the requirements of three grown sons. During that struggling phase, I pondered Mr. Sood was not interested in changing the blood group of a person. In fact, he was asking can we change the attitude of the employee toward his job and the organization. Such realization was a turning point in my life. Secondly, most of the time I had been in training but I was not allowed to test my hypothesis. Therefore I picked opportunities like a weaver bird and found miraculous results whenever I got the opportunity to conduct training.

Question: What was your realization?

Dr. Gupta – Training and Development programs can be used to meet the future requirements of the organization. For example, in the beginning of a career, most of the employees begin life with quarters like A – type, B – type, C – type. Sometimes they share with colleagues and enjoy life. The moment they are entitled to house building advance they apply for a loan. Companies give loan at cheaper rates. They build/purchase the house. After some time that house becomes full of limitations. As a result, they find a specific type of stress. You see what we have done?

The couple was enjoying a honeymoon in a quarter but with house building advance we have created an environment of clashes and conflicts. How? A house may have facilities of three or seven-star hotel where we can relax and entertain but cannot recharge for facing challenges of the next day. As a result, he/she will not give his/her best on the job. In turn, the profitability of organization will be at a stake. For profitability employees should perform beyond the ‘role’ assigned.

Question: What suggestions do you offer?

Dr. Gupta – Government or the company can help us having a house but this house is to be converted into a ‘home’, home is a place where we recharge for meeting the challenges of next day as we recharge our mobile every night for using it for next day. Unfortunately, there are moral gurus who suggest we should do this or that but what and how? Even our religious and sacred books don’t provide a way. Through training, we have to train and develop our workforce for developing the skills for converting the house into a ‘home’.

Question: What training inputs?

Dr. Gupta – Husband and wife are not gender wise different. Physically, psychologically as well as neurologically they are different. They respond differently when they are in love. They react differently to stress. Even they behave differently on the bed. It is the job of a trainer to make them aware regarding these differences.

Since knowledge is power, therefore participants are able to handle personal problems effectively. But this is not enough because like God meaning of love is different for different people. I am sorry to accept that world over the concept of love has been wrongly projected. If you ask, ‘have you seen love?’ The reply will be which love? In Indian background either the lovers die or they live together after marriage. In the western background, you will find new techniques of sexual enjoyment. At least you will not find love between matured husband and wife. Or we find love in extramarital relations.

Question: What do you suggest?

Dr. Gupta – It is easy to say, I love you. It is difficult to say I love my own-self. It is really difficult to accept I love my ‘being’ in totality. As a trainer, my job is to impart training inputs in a way so that my participant learns to love his/her ‘being’.

Parents in India give an environment to their children as they grow fish in an aquarium. Academic achievement is dependent upon the ability, focus and self-centered efforts. Even civil services follow a similar pattern. On the contrary, professional achievement is dependent upon the support available from the environment. It is like a fish developed in the aquarium is thrown into the ocean. Now, his/her total efforts are to protect the head but not creating the waves of change or development.

Question: Is it possible to foresee into distant future?

Dr. Gupta – This has been my ability to peep into future. In the year 1975, I demonstrated in Hindustan Times House. Shri Brij Narayan Aggarwal, Chief sub-Editor, Saptahik Hindustan asked if I reply negatively to your questions? Yes, you can but you should read the question – my reply was. He agreed and filled my questionnaire. After my calculations, I gave my feedback to him with which he agreed. I was finding syndrome for heart attack and hinted to him which he confirmed to me in the eighties that he had a massive heart attack.

After the study of (late) Shri Sahib Singh Verma I told him, ‘your problem is not winning the election. In fact, your problem is to get a berth in ministry or heading the ministry’. He was Chief Minister for six months. He was Labour Minister in Central Cabinet and died in road accident. There was a time when I felt jealous of him because we started our careers almost parallel but his demise made me realized each person has to play some role. Need is to explore what is that role.

Question: You said those focus only on results they lose the ability to create their future. How?

Dr. Gupta – Our eye is the most intricate sense organ. This eye sends one unit of information to the brain when 100 million units information approaches to the existence. Since we are getting continuously, therefore, we feel confident. On the other hand, our body is receiving one million units per second information through other senses. The person who focuses on results his/her conscious brain does not register such information. Therefore, they cannot make a decision which can meet the requirements of ‘future’. This is the reason whenever business becomes complex and uncertain such persons rush to fortune tellers, tantriks, gurus, etc. for a solution. Organizationally, their brilliance results in a continuous loss to the company.

Our society, our parents, our education system, our examination system, our recruitment procedure and even our role model US-based business tycoons – all focus upon brilliance. Brilliance means anybody who impresses through memory and problem solving is considered brilliant who can conceive pros and cons better and faster than others. Though I have seen Bangladesh while traveling by air from Kolkata to Jorhat, yet through data, I feel Americans allow creativity to flourish and have business sense but they lack leadership because of which country is facing economic recession and fear of a layoff.

In fact, they are the real clients who need to compensate their inability to perceive the ‘future’. Various research studies confirm that age is no bar provided one is determined to learn and to create the future. Those seize to learn they should be encouraged for voluntary retirement. If you wish, you can compensate them through regular pension schemes but you should not allow them to pollute the working culture.

Question: What are the training inputs?

Dr. Gupta – So far the participants understand that husband and wife are opposite poles from all dimensions. Consider you are positive wire and your husband/wife is negative wire. There is a sparking when both the wires join together. In the beginning, it results in the honeymoon. Once honeymoon period is over such sparking perishes the house known as a short circuit. But Thomas Edison created light by the use of sparking of positive and negative wires. As an engineer, we need to convert sparking caused by opposite views of husband and wife.

With the help of training inputs for ‘loving the being in totality,’ it is possible to make them convinced that marriage is an open system. Only trust and commitment are the basic units of the building of marriage. These allow them to grow as an individual and give best on the job. Hence, developing a language of health, giving best on the job, understanding the power of love and exploring the meaning of ‘being’ are basic ingredients of ‘economic freedom’.

Question: How does the socio-economic status of parents influence our money earning/making?

Dr. Gupta – Poor and backward parents are controlled by the emotion of ‘fear’. For them, life is full of insecurities. They prepare their children to earn more money, following the family value system and respect the culture. In western UP, especially Meerut and Muzaffarnagar parents are against love marriages. Honour killing is very popular there.

Middle-class parents are controlled by the emotion of ‘greed’. They teach their children to be loyal to the chair, obedient to the boss, disciplined in the office, warm-hearted with the colleagues and full of confidence on the job. They wait for the income other than salary. It may be an incentive, bonus, etc. In fact, salary is not a motivating factor for middle-class people. This pattern of salary distribution encourages corruption.

Likewise, upper-class steer ‘fear’ and are full of superiority. They are very social with similar or superior people but their relationship with lower status people is a result of some strategic planning. They feel every person is selfish who tries to approach them. They are either industrialist or CEO. They consider themselves bubbling with life that never accepts defeat and is full of confidence.

All the above description falls under either money earning or money-making. That belief in creating the future they are happy in their self-created world of work. They consider themselves a person of initiative, ready to learn and accept criticism, introvert, able to peep into future and by nature they are spontaneous.

Question: You mentioned the process of Economic Freedom is similar to childbearing process.

Dr. Gupta – Yes, the personality of such people is the best combination of heredity and environment. Like mother is blessed with a baby, economic freedom is showered to a person who believes in creating future and whose desire for economic freedom has been nourished and nurtured by the emotions of ‘anger’ and ‘compassion’. Experience, competition, reward and punishment, socio-economic background of the family have no relation to Economic Freedom.

Anybody who can manage family budget for another six months, especially salaried person, effectively, he/she is economically free. If he is apprehensive, it will be due to his personal problems which have no relation to price hike or economic recession. It should be handled through training. Likewise, young women if they decide I will not prove my womanhood by producing child/children but will give my best wherever I am. She will be economically free. It is a question of determination to have economic freedom.

Question: Do you mean HRD is superior to HRM?

Dr. Gupta – If you wish to jump from reptile mentality to skilled society, if you wish corruption free society if you wish minimum road accidents and shoot out incidences then certainly you will need to consider HRD superior to HRM. Why?

Throughout we have been exposed to ‘Rajyog’ of astrology; therefore people, in general, have lost the ability to create their ‘future’. They believe in easy and early money. It is high time to expose them to training programs which can bring attitudinal change. It will only be possible if we invest maximum on HRD rather than managing the human resource through reward and punishment.

It is the job of leadership either to attract or identify such executives and allow them to continue what they are working; they are already on the mission which is troubling organization/society.  Likewise, you may be Head of state/CEO. Role wise, you may be supreme but you should auto-suggest yourself that you need the support of those who can bring ‘good-luck’ to you. But such self-actualized people should be protected from the games brilliant executives play in the organizations.

Question: Is it your final suggestion?

Dr. Gupta – Past record is not a guarantee of creating the future. In case, of over-dependence on therapists, you should be vigilant. In old age one may be understanding things better than others if he/she is suffering from health problems. Readiness to learn and taking initiative must be the condition for giving responsibility for training.

Question: Are you sure in getting trainers who are self-actualized within the organization?

Dr. Gupta – I feel anybody who is a leader in a role of CEO; he/she should identify/attract such executives. In case, they find any problem, they can use my specialization for such identification.

Question: What is the summary?

Dr. Gupta – You may be worried about youth. I assure you those who have been trained to convert the house into a home. They will nurture their children whose affectional needs will be duly met. At least incidences of the shoot-out, road accidents, and terrorism will be minimized. These youth will not be demanding jobs. Rather they will create jobs for others. In fact, as a CEO/Leader it is a question of patience, i.e. how much criticism can you endure from the Board Members and Media for the slow speed of results?

This is very hypothetical situation because brilliant people change their color like a chameleon. The moment they are confirmed regarding the road-map of CEO, they begin working to earn blessings but you should use your wisdom. Secondly, self-actualized executives don’t need spoon feeding but they continue realizing the meaning of their ‘being’ till death takes over. Hence, you are free to move as per the requirements of the organization and they will work for you for bringing ‘good-luck’ to you.

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