“Dr. Gupta, your assessment about Sirohi was correct but we cleared his report,” Shri Jauhari Lal gave his feedback. Management of ONGC decided that the behavior of those graduate trainees would be closely observed who had been rejected by the psychologist. Their probation would be cleared only after the recommendations of his controlling officer. Mr. Sirohi was rejected as he was not fulfilling the criteria. Later on, his probation was cleared as per the recommendations of his controlling officer. Do you know what the actual feedback was? Mr. Sirohi left ONGC after a year.

I had been associated with recruitment of young GTs and promotions of corporate executives for more than seven years. Besides this, I had been engaged with a selection of EDP operators for seven years. Cases mentioned in Chapter – IV,’ Reminiscences’ are the example of validities.

Many psychologists commented that I was blessed with a sixth sense. The fact has been the validities of the tests developed by Prof. Cattell and his team. What are validities? The test should measure that for what it has been purported to measure. It is not my ability that I was predicting the heart attacks prior to its occurrence. In fact, it was not a prediction as I used the word but a kind of sensitivity of the tool that could measure those micro aspects of behavior which were difficult to be addressed by clinical investigations. For example, we are not aware of the biochemical activities and under the skin behavior that is responsible for our comfortable living. Do we know in a single beat how many activities are performed by our heart? Old people jokingly comment that pain makes us feel that we are alive.

To me, all the instruments I used for measurement are sensitive to arrest those aspects which are beyond imagination for a layman. In fact, the science of psychology has moved far ahead from traditional science.

In the year 1994, Shri R.S. Somani, DGM (Electrical), one of my bosses at Nazira, Assam was impressed with my interpretation skills and advised me to see some management expert in Kolkata who was his close relative. I went to Kolkata and met the expert. Since he was already informed by my boss, therefore he attended me and offered tea and snacks. For more than 45 minutes he continued psychology. I was listening to him as a student. Meanwhile, I realized if I don’t demonstrate he will send me barong. “Would you please spare fifteen minutes to me so that I could demonstrate something before you?” I requested. “Yes, why not this is what you have come to see me,” he replied.

I picked up my cards of Color Test. Within ten minutes I was able to collect the data and made the pairs. ‘Sir, I am going to show the results. You will agree at least 80% with what you read,’ I showed some specific passage for his perusal. Now the side of the coin was changed. He got interested in what I was doing. ‘Please take it as information with which you may agree or may not agree as this pertains to your subconscious,’ I told him. “I agree 100%,” he was excited.

Later on, we continued for more than an hour. “Dr. Gupta, you will not find anything wrong with you and with your efforts. Your problem is not you lack something. Your problem is what you can do people cannot dream even. They are suffering. They want solutions to their problems. In spite of witnessing that you have helped other person. They will not believe in your capabilities because they have culturally groomed like that. The day you are able to convey rightly to people what you can do for them. Persons like me will be waiting in the queue,” he advised. Since then I have been working to convey what I can do for people.

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