Getting support from Nature

When I was associated with the corporate promotions, I was not having much insight into the managerial requirements of ONGC. Still, I wished to make felt my presence as a psychologist. By now I could develop skills for identifying managers who possessed potentials for success in near future. Every year I used to recommend such executives who were potential ‘achievers’. Simultaneously, I was interacting with the executives who had undergone my assessment process. During an interaction, my efforts used to be to help the individual-executive in recognizing his ‘uniqueness’. The whole exercise of helping me was performing with a view of ‘getting support from nature’. This I was looking through individual’s scores on Self-concept, Super Ego Strength, Pugnacity Erg, Assertiveness Erg, Total Autism and Total Integration.

The logic behind the support from ‘nature’ – is the very simple i.e. body is wiser than the brain. The moment we have two options and we are to decide; the likelihood is, ‘we may undergo stress if we fail to decide’. Do you know how many pressures our body bears at one time? Atmospheric pressures, gravitational pressure, electromagnetic waves, intravenous pressure, the pressure of sickness, etc. are the pressures which I can count at the moment. Scientists will add many more pressures to my list which our body bears. Even then we are not aware consciously about these pressures.

Researchers in the cognitive area suggest that our undermind registers all the information available in the atmosphere about which we are not conscious. Simultaneously, we are receiving sensations from the body which are either associated with our pastor are giving information about future. In view of psychologists working in the area of ‘emotional intelligence’, emotions are the reality of our existence that keeps us in touch with the ‘universe’. What does all this mean? Logically, we may not know about the future events but our body is quite competent in knowing those rational and irrational events as it keeps in touch with the reality of life and the world.

Probably, Cattell was blessed that he could associate all biochemical processes of the body as well as activities of the brain during the development of instruments for quantifying the ‘dynamic sources of life’ i.e. Motivational Analysis Test (The MAT). This I could realize while I was monitoring the behavior of those on whom I administered the MAT and actual happenings in their lives.

Remember, Shri S.K. Manglik, Chairman, ONGC in whose case Color Test gave – he will not get support from nature. Emotional restlessness is a clear indication that the person could not transform within. The imbalance between all external pressures and the impact of body chemistry results in emotional arousal which may take shape of ‘emotional restlessness’ if not handled or the emotions are not processed.

Therefore, I was identifying potential ‘achievers’ and Col. Wahi was using their potential success in the interest of ONGC either by promoting him or rotating him. This was a direct application of Human Engineering that ONGC was benefited by the potential ‘success’ of its corporate executives who were psychologically ready to get support from ‘nature’.

As CEO if you wish to use this for your own gains, you will not. Why? You cannot trust a person unless you have processed your ‘negative energy’ and haven’t learned using your past as a ‘jumping board’ for future success. Unfortunately, most of the CEOs I felt were the ’mate’ for ‘unskilled labor’. This you will agree with me that we have given international status and facilities to our ‘workforce’ but couldn’t inculcate ‘professional values’, therefore we are more concerned with the aspects of ‘discipline’ than extracting best from them.

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