Anybody can collect the data but the interpretation is difficult through the Manuals or Handbooks, it requires creative intelligence.


Personality and identification of training needs

Dr. Aniruddh Pandey had been our neighbor when I was a toddler.  He was my father’s colleague in Railway. He did his M.A. (Psychology), then Ph.D. in Psychology. I assisted him while he was collecting data. Later on he shifted to RDSO, Lucknow. In 1984, I came to know he was in Mumbai. I was in Mumbai on official tour. With great difficulty I could trace him out. We met virtually after 15 years. It was very exciting to me. He introduced me with his staff of Railway Selection Board, at Mumbai.

“Vinodji this is Dr. Awdhesh Kumar, Ph.D. from Mental Hospital Ranchi. Dr. Awdhesh has collected data on Alcoholic Motor Man working on local trains of Mumbai. He has used The 16 PF which I am finding difficult to handle,” Dr. Pandey took out Manual of 16 PF from his almirah. I became crazy about having a look at the data. After screening the data I told about one alcoholic motorman, “His wife is responsible for his addiction. Certainly, she must be having some affairs.”How does this data reveal such information?” Pandeyji was curious to know. “I showed him scores on various factors on 16 PF. The hidden meaning of these factors is my interpretation. Better you should verify the reliability of information revealed by the data”, I explained to Pandeyji.

After six months I returned from Dehradun. Dr. Pandey confirmed the information revealed by The 16 PF was correct and he recommended his removal from service. I was not happy. Throughout my life I have been of the opinion, “We are at a liberty to reject a person while hiring him for a job. Once he is in, he is a member of the family. It will be our failure if we terminate him. Then, what for we are investing huge money in training and development?”

There was a major accident between Shahjahanpur and Hardoi.  Two express trains collided heads on. After three days of the accident, Pandeyji came to Dehradun. He wanted to consult me before submitting his report to the department. He conducted ‘The 16 PF’ on three persons, the ASM, Cabin man and the Driver who jumped from the engine before the accident. I didn’t witness the situation but was aware of the accident through newspapers. After my analysis of the data, I was of the opinion that ASM was responsible for the accident. Later on, Pandeyji informed technical committee also found him, the ASM, responsible for the accident. He was removed from the service. His mother went for ‘Mercy-Appeal’ to President of India who converted his removal into a demotion. Data never lie, you should have the guts to see into it and then, be able to project on the wider horizon.

Technically, Cattell and his team have designed the tools in the manner that distortion is traceable. Secondly, data is not perfect, it is only a runway where from your imagination is to take off to visualize. Through manual calculations, I prepare my self for interpretation of the data, so that I am able to visualize on the wider horizon and then focus on the person whose data I am interpreting. This helps me arriving at the conclusion.

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