For bright Career, What should be your next step after professional degree?

Those days I was doing freelancing as a professional psychologist. I was introduced to Dr. S.D. Upadhyay, Reader in Medicine, Rishikul Ayurvedic College, Hardwar. Dr. Upadhyay desired to verify my testimonials before hiring my professional services. Later on, he agreed. I conducted the 16 PF.

While preparing the report I wanted to give surprise to Dr. Upadhyay. In addition to my usual interpretation of the data, I focused upon his professional skills as a physician as well as on his sex life, ’how was he behaving with his wife on the bed.’

With regard to the report on professional skills, he suspected as if I gathered information from the hospital staff and patients. As to sex life, he told, “I hope, I was neither asked any questions nor I replied. How could you give such an authentic report?” The fact was, ‘I focused on the data, imagined about his wife whom I never met before. I projected the data of each factor on a wider horizon. In my mind, I attempted to visualize their conjugal life. Then, again I focused on the data for interpretation.’

When I convinced him about my interpretation skills, he came out with his future plans as it was difficult to pull on with the meager salary. I calculated his score on the activity pertaining to ‘retail sales’. It was very poor but his activity related to the field of ‘research and development’ was much better. Based on this information I warned him, ‘for not to venture into private practice’. Rather, he must focus on developing his field of specialization in medicine.

After three months I noticed that Dr. Upadhyay had started a clinic just opposite the Medical College. After six months I was traveling in a Tonga towards Railway station. Dr. Upadhyay was on his cycle. When he did reach closure to Tonga, I congratulated him for opening the clinic.“What congratulations! I have been paying the rent from my pocket”, Dr. Upadhyay repented.

The doctor who was known for his diagnosis was to close his clinic just because he was not good at selling skills. Money making without selling skills, especially in underdeveloped and developing country, is not possible for each person. Certainly, Dr. Upadhyay could create money had he developed a purpose of his life that was representing his ‘uniqueness’ and committed to excel through the activity of R&D in medicine.

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