Will I get support?

You know but you don’t know

Shri Naval Kishore Sharma, Ex-Minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas was given patient hearing for more than an hour by Shri Rajiv Gandhi, the then Prime Minister. In the evening AP Sharma took me to him. He was Additional Secretary to Shri Sharma. When we reached there, there were continuous telephone calls. People were congratulating him in advance. They were expecting him to be either PCC President or CM of Rajasthan. I administered Luscher’s Color Test on him. The way ‘red’ color moved in his choices was an indicator of his active leadership. The overall results were not in favor of achievement. I mentioned this to him.

The meeting with Rajiv Gandhi didn’t bring any fruits to him but he was given party ticket from the constituency for which the then CM was also aspirin.

I found Color Test as a very competent tool for getting information regarding ‘support from nature’ but this is the very dynamic instrument. It will change with the change-taking place either in circumstances or within. Therefore, one has to be extra cautious while working with Color Test.

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