Need Support? Use Your Experiences As A Source Of Power

Faith in Mathematics is a backbone of interpretation skills

Inner transformation is essential for getting support from ‘nature’

During 1982 to 89 I collected data on corporate executives. Amongst them some retired as Joint Director, some as Additional Director, some reached board level and one of them, Shri Manglik became Chairman. After 1989, I was focusing only on monitoring the behavior of those on whom I administered my tests. With the help of Shri Diwakar, retired as GM (Chemistry) from Carbon Group, ONGC, I processed the data of corporate and board level executives only for factor analysis.

To our surprise, different clusters were consisting different people. Diwakar was very excited and compelling me for preparing a paper. I prepared a paper for Science Congress. The abstract was accepted but I was not allowed to publish by authorities.

We could never imagine that the collected data through the 16 PF and MAT was so powerful. Those who retired as the board of Directors, they were in one cluster. Those who retired as either Regional or Executive Directors, they were in a different cluster. Even those who retired as Joint or Additional Directors, they were segregated in another cluster. This confirmed my faith in the selection process, “We should do homework before going to Induct a fresher. The selection means we are sure about offering the top position to him in due course of time.”

I discussed with Shri Sujit Sen, my immediate boss. We prepared a presentation for Shri Jauhari Lal, Director (HR). After witnessing the presentation, he became interested in his own assessment. I administered the tests to him. Unfortunately, he did fall in a cluster of the board of directors. In fact, despite his elevation to Director (HR)’s position, he could not transform within and was unable to resolve his complexes. For years together, he had been getting an extension on monthly basis from the ministry.

In the list of more than four hundred corporate executives, only two i.e. Col. S.P. Wahi and Shri S.K. Manglik were the persons who were in a specific cluster. Though Shri P.K. Chandra and Shri L.L. Bhandari who retired as Officiating and Acting Chairman of ONGC. They were in the cluster of the board of directors. I was surprised about realizing the utility of mathematics (statistics) in life.

In fact, I realized, Personality is perfect prediction only in case of the persons who feel satisfied with the developments which are taking place in the environment and registering into their consciousness. A person who peeps inside his own-self and owns the responsibility of all his losses and grieves in an appropriate manner;   transformation begins to take place. Now he is empowered to create. Such a person doesn’t need to agree with Cat-tell who considered man as a part of the system whose personality was subject of prediction.” 

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