During those days telephone was the luxury. I was to go to Mr. Goyal’s residence for making a phone call. He enquired about the job I was doing. After listening to me he expressed his desire to experience the utility of psychometric instrument in person.

I have a good sense of using the instrument. You show me the job I will make out which instrument with which criteria I am to use for the purpose of quantification for recommending the person to some position. Despite its predictive value, The 16 PF has its limitations. We Indians are not interested in precision and accuracy. The 16 PF arouse lots of expectations in the client and give very precise and accurate replies to the quarries but the client will not be happy unless you narrate the story in a style of LIC agent who sells the policy at consumer’s cost but will make him feel obliged as if he has been favored. I knew my own limitations also.

Therefore, I administered the NSQ on him. To my surprise, his neuroticism score was very high which was not matching with his apparent look. By that time I learned managing in such situations. Somehow, I was able to convince him that his adjustment was incorrect and life was tough for him. It was, fortunately, confirmed by him also as he recently met with some financial losses but I was not convinced with the results.

I could not see Mr.Goyal for more than a month. One day I saw him walking with the help of stick with a plaster in his left leg. Just four days after that,  he was driving a scooter late in the night. All of a sudden the scooter engine locked while running and he met with an accident in which the bone of left leg was broken. There I learned that personality is not an only justification for present situation but it reveals information about future happenings too.

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