In the beginning of my career as a professional psychologist, Shri Jagdish Raj was my neighbor who owned a truck and was driving on a contractual basis. He was my well-wisher who wanted to help me as I was going through the crisis. I conducted the 16 PF on him. His creativity score was 8.90 which made me excited. Technically, creativity is indicative of achievement either in the professional or social area. I, out of excitement, interpreted creativity that he will have at least two more ‘trucks’ within three years. Can you imagine, ‘what must have happened to Jagdish Raj?’

Jagdish Raj met with an accident and had to sell his truck. The story of the other side of the coin is really interesting.  That is, within three years he had three daughters. This attracted my attention. Later, you will not believe that in case of young married women I found that their score on creativity was a sure indicator of their capacity to produce kids. Especially, in case of young women from rural background ‘creativity’ has been a predictive score of their fertility.

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