I was an examiner for BA (Final). A girl was assigned The 16 PF as a part of her examination. She administered the 16 PF on her ‘own’ self. She scored the answers and converted ‘Raw Scores’ into ‘Sten Scores’. She was also carrying her ‘Practical’ file in which the Profile Sheet of her previous test was also attached. There was much difference between the results of the first and second test. It was difficult to make out that both the tests were filled by the same person. I confirmed from her ‘whether either the tests are filled by you or you put your name only?’ She confirmed that both tests she herself had filled in.

Then, I asked her to calculate second order factors like invia-exuvia, anxiety-adjustment, criteria-pathetic, and independence-subduedness. To our surprise, there was no difference between the results of first and second tests. Why? It was basically ‘Test-Retest Reliability’ of the 16 PF. The effect of experience was apparent on primary factors but not on second-order factors. Prof. Cattell and his team designed the test in a way that effect of experience was ‘nullified’ through the test design. Construction of MAT (Motivational Analysis Test) is a classic example of controlling motivational distortion and effect of experience.

In the office of Hindustan Times, New Delhi I gave a demonstration to the editorial board. Mr. Brij Narayan Aggarwal, Chief – Sub – Editor, told if I give negative replies to your questions, will you still bring out my ‘true self’. “Yes, if you reply after reading the questions,” I answered. It happened in the same manner which I claimed in HT House. In fact, I was able to see syndrome for ‘Heart Attack’ which he suffered after five years.

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