As a leader, you can avoid calamities which hinder the growth of your enterprise

Your response to items (situations) reveals your future

Col. Wahi, S.P. joined CCI as Managing Director. “Gupta I have lost your earlier report. Could you repeat the same psychological tests on me again which you did in BHEL?” he desired. I repeated the tests, i.e. The 16 PF, MAT, etc. and submitted the report. “Is it your interpretation or observation?” he asked. “This time my interpretation is more customized. I used the language with which you are conversant. Otherwise, it is all interpretation of the data. I am puzzled by one thing which I did not mention in the report. That is, the feeling of helplessness is emerging through the data but I am not able to understand.” I explained to him. His total unintegrated motivation was higher than the integrated motivation. As a result, his Total Integration Score was very low which I interpreted like that.

After one week, there was a big fire in Shakuntala Apartment and five floors of CCI were virtually smashed to ashes. Then I learned, “Personality is a perfect prediction.” Responses given by the person do not only answer the questions asked in a structured manner by 16 PF and MAT. These responses reveal information regarding future happenings, provided the interpreter has developed an eye. Cattell and his team have made measurement much nearer to life.

If the data accrued through the ’16 PF’ and MAT is interpreted by a skilled interpreter, it will lead to perfect prediction. In case someone is willing to create the future of his business, with the help of training in “Magic through Heart”. It is possible for him to use the same data for avoiding such ‘calamities provided he undergoes through “Magic through Heart” and learns the skills of emotional processing which leads to inner transformation.

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