Personality: a predictor of your political career

Success is a result of inner transformation

There were state elections in UP. Congress aspirants were trying for party nomination as a candidate from Moradabad assembly. I studied the personality of all the leading aspirants. They were 10 in number. I used The 16 PF and MAT. Results of nine aspirants were towards ‘failure’. In case of only one aspirant results were somewhat indicative.

When the observer declared the party ticket, no one was picked up from my list of aspirants. The predictions made through ‘personality assessment’ of candidates proved to be 90% correct as 9 out of 10 were not found suitable to be nominated by the Congress. Everybody was making tall claims about his eligibility for getting the nomination from Congress. I learned only failure can be predicted through these tests.

For not getting support from the external environment one needs to be very rational in approach. Growth refers to physical aspects of the body. Development refers to changes occurring in a positive direction through the events which are taking place. In life, for success, you need to transform within. MAT is competent enough to reflect this aspect through the process of ‘self-awakening’. But this is very tricky. You cannot make out through the data what degree of self-awakening is required for transformation. Then, it is for the total life and getting nominated is a single aspect of life. I could realize success is beyond prediction through any tool that uses the person as a unit of a system.

Shri Sahib Singh Verma, Ex-CM, Delhi Union Territory and Ex-Union Minister, was contesting for Counselor from the constituency of Keshav Puram in 1977. He was from my area. It was beginning of his political career. I administered the 16 PF. His score on ‘elected leader’ was much higher to score on ‘effective leader’. I suggested him, “To win the election is not your problem. But to hold the seat of power for longer duration will be a problem for you.” As CM his tenure was only for six months.

(TV has informed Shri Sahib Singh died in road accident. I am reminded with one experience when I published my psychological interpretation about Dr. Ram Daras Mishra, a renowned Hindi Writer in ‘Kalpant’, a weekly paper published by Shri Murari Lal Tyagi. Late Sahib Singh Verma, after reading the article suggested me, ‘Dr. Gupta nobody will recognize your worth in India. I will manage expenditure for going to USA and for your stay there with some references for six months. In case, you get opportunities you settle there or come back to India.’ I was, during those days, a nationalist, and hence, didn’t respond. We together started our careers almost at the same time. He went to politics and I preferred to be a scientist. In IOGPT, ONGC, Panvel there is a portrait in which Shri Verma is handing over Peacock Award in a group to Shri Jauhari Lal, Director (HR), ONGC. The portrait was a causing feeling of ‘envy’ in me as I have been a ‘failure’ in ONGC being a psychologist. His death in road accident tells me that I was wrong. In fact, I should have not compared with him. He was ‘he in politics’ where recognition is instant. I am ‘I’ as a creative person’ may be recognized late but permanently.)

Shri Shyam Lal Garg, Counselor from Tri Nagar introduced me to Shri Madan Lal Khurana in 1987. My understanding of his data was, ‘He was good as Opposition Leader not as a CM’. Khurana had been very forceful leader of BJP from Delhi but not successful as CM.

I always felt ‘data reveal either truth or information about future’. I have to develop myself in a way that I should be able to see the limitations of the tool as well as helping the person through my interpretation skills.

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