Supremacy of Body

Stop to think for a moment what you would be capable of doing with the same brain you now possess if it was housed in the body of a snake. With no means of communication and no muscle powered, brain directed hands and feet. You would be as helpless and unproductive as the snake, despite your vastly superior brain.

All of us know this reality but don’t accept. Why? To me, it is because of the ‘male’ dominated mentality. It is the male mentality that believes more in exerting the ‘will-power’ who unknowingly demonstrates the power of the body either for removing the obstacle or impressing the woman.

Body wise we are different. Male connotes a person who possesses the body of a male. Female connotes a person who possesses the body of a female. Physiologically as well as anatomically they are different. Their meaning of ‘being’ is different but complementary. Their differences contribute to the completeness of the ‘family’. Psychologically, a male may have all the qualities of a ‘woman’ or vice versa. Moreover, it is a mix of both the genders.

Historically, male mentality represents ‘the psyche that suits achievement’. Likewise, female mentality represents ‘the psyche that suits relationships’. Ideally, we may favor any of the two but the fact remains that in some individuals male psyche is dominant and female psyche is dormant. In some individuals, female psyche is dominant and male psyche is dormant. If this distribution of traits has been gender-wise, it is well and good. Moreover, one needs to recognize the ‘uniqueness’ as a person to have a better quality of life.  Whatever the case may be but survival and growth needs are common to both.

When someone is in a mode of ‘achieving’ something, he or she will forget the needs of the body. He will be insensitive to the pains and pressures but will be focused on the target leading towards the achievement of the goal. Once the goal is achieved, he or she will need to be sensitive to his bodily requirements. This sensitivity is an essential part of his future achievements.Otherwise, he will be stuck-up.

Likewise, when someone is in a mode of developing trusted relationship she will not be concerned with profit and loss but will be peeping inside for deriving satisfaction through the relations.  But she cannot relax with satisfaction. She will be moving to feel ‘well-placed’ with the help of achievements either through her own efforts or through the efforts of her emotional partner. There she will encourage him to assume the role of ‘true male’ who believes in exerting ‘will-power’ for making her feel ‘well-placed’.

You may ask, “If achievement and trusted relations are complementary to each other, then, why shine of sword is on the decline? Why do female values get importance in the civilized world?” The greatest gift Human Consciousness has offered to mankind is the concept of ‘home’ which connotes ‘being with you’. Recently, I read one article in which Padma Sachdev, a Dogri poetess, mentioned the feelings associated with ‘home’ when a loving wife puts a curtain of old clothes at the open gate, the hut converts into ‘home’, representing tenderness of love, care, and safety. The feeling that someone is waiting at ‘home’ gives you the consolation in the midst of frustrations on the job – this you can feel only. The tenderness of ‘love’ is the answer to your questions.

Secondly, the economic globalization is creating a ‘future’ that will compel the decision makers to operate in a manner that ‘nature’ should begin supporting their decisions. Then, clear-cut instructions of a dictator will lose their impact. For example, 50 years back the models of decision making were following ‘mathematical’ pattern where logic was important. With the speed of globalization, a new model of decision making has emerged. In which biological pattern of decision making is emerging. Although consumer is not empowered to dictate the terms of business yet business is realizing his ‘value’ for its own growth and development. The consumer who is a bulk user is being considered as an ‘individual’ with specific tastes and interests. Now, he has a choice to select.

Right now, moneyed people are in business in India. They are employing western management with a touch of Indian feudal system of man management. You will notice that the successful managers are those who have a background of affluence. This is the reason that students from IIMs are known as better managers in western countries. Why? A man with the democratic background cannot treat his subordinate as a slave. He can be a scientist, an artist, an intellectual or a literary person but not a manager who manages the man-power. Recently, there was news that Lakshmi Nivas Mittal, Steel King, is not providing adequate facilities to his miners. The business environment for top executives may be excellent in private sector. What about the middle-level executives? They are very insecure. Who are those people? Who represents meager economic background of Indian society and have joined private sector through their ability only.

Maturity in democracy and speed of economic globalization will create awareness in the minds of the consumer. He will struggle to be empowered as a customer. The success of the customer will force the business houses to hire not only the result oriented CEOs but the one that is capable of getting support from ‘nature’.

The brain is a decision maker. Business decisions are not only put up on the ‘file’ but are expected to bring results. The brain has its own limitations i.e. it needs support while working with uncertainties and when appropriate information is available at a very slow speed. There are innumerable factors that influence the business. Future is not a destination or some place where to reach with some mode of conveyance. It is created. Now business is getting the new meaning that is ‘creating the future’. Who will create? The brain? No! It is the body as a whole including the heart that helps the brain in creating the future. Advance studies in the field of Emotional Intelligence suggest emotions are the key to ‘creating the future’. Emotions work in two ways. That is, either through the physical sensations of the body or feelings of the heart.

Imagine you were not conversant with the alphabets of English. Would you still be struggling to understand what I am writing in English language? No? Now imagine that throughout the ages you have been socially conditioned that English had been the root cause of all the miseries of mankind. What would have been your reaction toward English? More worst has had happened with ‘pain’, the language of the body. Gautam Buddha invented a new school of thought as he witnessed ‘pain’. What to talk about Buddha, even the modern doctors who are living in the ‘era’ of EQ enhancement techniques, if you complain them about your shoulder pain they will prescribe some treatment. Why?

 Pain relieving is a multi crores industry. The impact of ‘pain relievers’ is that the user, in the long run, loses the ability to create his ‘future’. Whereas, there is a likelihood, that your shoulder pain is giving you some message. After listening to the pain you may get some gut feeling for creating your ‘future’.

Unfortunately, our wise people rejected ‘body’ due to its changing nature. Fact remains that body is in direct touch with the ‘universe’. Till forces of life are on move and requirements of survival needs are met adequately you are not aware what is happening inside the body. The body keeps you in touch with reality but it remains dormant. Body is a receiver and transmitter of messages from the ‘universe’. With each beat, your heart is transmitting electromagnetic waves outside the body. These waves can be detected from a distance of 5 to 10 feet. You can use those messages for empowering your leadership skills. As a leader, you can encourage your workforce to contribute the moment you respond to their true feelings which you received through your body. Cooper, R. and Sawaf, A. writes in Emotional Intelligence in Business,

“Great leaders put words to the formless longings and deeply felt needs of others. They create a connection through resonance and build communities of shared vision, practice and influence. They tell stories that capture aspirations and win hearts.”

Recall, when some trouble was going on with your spouse. While sitting in the office you decide to compromise. You are mentally prepared. You are ready for compromise. You have decided you will take an initiative and will patch-up. You reached home. Everything is alright. The moment your spouse is before you things change dramatically. You postpone the decision for some other time. What has happened?

Emotions are contagious. You catch on the message transmitted by your spouse the moment you are face to face. Remember, the sensation of emotion is not psychological but more of physical nature. The language of emotions through sensations and feelings needs to be developed. The only condition is you are ready to accept ‘supremacy’ of your body.

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