“I understand you have a very good insight into human psychology. Your assessment, we found correct. Even the diseases you diagnosed were matching with the diseases with which people are suffering,” Mr. V.P. Suri, Manager (Personnel) told. “I want to know can we change the personality?” he enquired. “No,” I answered. Hence my contract with Orissa Cement Ltd. was terminated. Afterwards, I was virtually on road.

Lately, I realized, “What was Mr. Suri asking through ‘personality’? He was not interested in changing the blood group or physiological constitution. What probably was he referring to could I help him in changing the attitude of the executives towards job, management or the organization? This job I could do very successfully because I knew the person and I knew his interests.” It was too late to correct.

Teaching has always been for me like the lap of the mother. This time I again applied for a vacancy. I was called for an interview from Rewari. I was not hopeful but surpassed many aspirants recommended by management, the head of the psychology department and the expert from University. I know teaching is the only activity that I perform better than the 10,000 people.The selection board provided this opportunity to me and I was selected.

It was August 8, 1981, I joined KLP College, Rewari. The same day of my joining KLP College, Dr. SS Khumar, Head Psychology jokingly told me, “When we have to select a person we select a person on his style of opening the door. What was he referring to was about my interpretation skills?

Which are the tests have you been using by the way?” he enquired. “Cattell’s personality tests,” I replied. “Dr. Gupta, the tests you are using I have been teaching for last 30 years. I know what these tests are?” Dr. Khumar attempted to convince me that I was somewhat ‘crack’ because my tall claims were my delusions. He was right as the 16 PF has been prescribed in the curriculum at degree level in almost every university.

“Sir, you mentioned about composing ghazals. I request you to give me an opportunity to administer the tests to you. I will let you know what kind of ghazals you compose,” I requested him which he agreed to. I administered the 16 PF as well as MAT on him. In the lab itself, I prepared the results.

Besides normal aspects of life, I discussed his poetry also. As per the results he was using the knowledge of psychology while composing the ghazals. He was good in the grammar of ghazals and was supported by a good voice. The fact was that his most of the ghazals were not coming from within. This I could see through his results on all the aspects of ‘Self-concept’ on the MAT. In spite of this fact, he was known for his ghazals and attending the Mushairas as a poet.

Dr. Khumar was very genuine in his approach. He confirmed my interpretation. I suggested him to feel deep inside about the knowledge he was going to use before composing the ghazal.  I also requested him for maintaining the trust level because he was having the tendency for developing the cholesterol. He wanted to know the reason behind. I told in specific conditions when there is a decrease in factor – F (urgency), factor – L+ (pretension) is bound to contribute to the problem of cholesterol. (I was observing clear-cut syndrome for Heart attack but I didn’t mention.)

I was blank as to offer him any suggestion to avoid occurrence future ‘heart attack’. This has been happening with me since 1974. I discussed with many doctors. Their stereotyped reply used to be,”Earthquake and heart attack cannot be predicted. We cannot treat a person who is without symptoms.” No one was taking my interpretation seriously. I diverted towards Yoga, which also could not help much. I learned yoga aasans as well as kriyas under the able guidance of Dr. Ramesh Chand Kandpal whom I accepted ‘guru’ in 1988.

In fact, philosophy of yoga believes in desirelessness, which is a hypothetical state for working people. Yoga experts may claim anything but yoga practice provides only symptomatic relief to its practitioners, which is not cure. What is the fun of living a long life if you have to sacrifice your cherished desire?

On January 3, 1982, Dr. Khumar got the massive Heart attack and was admitted to ICU of Bhiwani Medical College. He survived the attack but invited me to visit him at Bhiwani.

I went to Bhiwani. “Dr. Gupta I have been teaching the 16 PF but you are creatively using the 16 PF”, Dr. Khumar appreciated. “In fact, I could not make out when you were giving clear indications during your feedback”, he continued. “Let me recover, I will request Shri Rajendra Pradeep, Dean of University, for organizing your lectures in all departments of Psychology of MD University,” he expressed his desire.

My lectures could not materialize as I left KLP College for joining ONGC at Dehradun. My devotion to getting answer took 23 years. I feel indebted to ONGC who provided me the opportunity to pursue my project and demonstrating validity and relevance of my hypothesis through a very successful experiment.

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