This program on “Magic through Heart” has been designed for people who want to achieve something in life but can’t as they are trapped in a vicious circle of sickness, failures and what not. This program will help such persons. The theme of the program is to help the person in developing the language of feeling “well placed” in this vast ocean where everybody is apprehensive about getting exploited.

Most organizations today face
1. Having to deal with employees who fall sick due to work stress, low motivation levels and almost no knowledge of peeping into self Survival needs are met by developing a language of personal health, deriving pleasure either through peeping within the self or into the relations around and getting support from ‘nature’.

Too much concentration either on growth needs or sharpening the brain power is responsible for decreasing our ability to meet the requirements of our survival needs. For example, a newborn baby is competent enough in getting support from the environment. But the same baby at the age of twenty or more finds it difficult in getting support either from the external environment or the ‘nature’. Support from ‘nature’ in the present context is described in two ways. Firstly, a sick person approaches the doctor who recommends him to undergo clinical investigations. Based on the results of the clinical investigation the doctor most often advises – this is a lifelong disease which can only be managed but cannot be cured. In view of Maslow’s “Hierarchy of needs” his approach to treatment operates at the security level. That is controlling the ill effects of stress. The person who undergoes the program on “Magic through Heart” feels cured. Thereafter when he approaches the doctor; who is not convinced and advises the person to undergo clinical investigations for verifying the results. On viewing the second round or results(Clinical Investigations) the doctor is surprised, “How has this happened?” is the exclamation!! This is the example of support from ‘nature’ because this program operates at actualization level. That is, excelling in the activity that is purposeful and represents the ‘uniqueness’ of the person. In addition, healing powers of our body are enormous which we don’t activate when undergoing available therapeutic measures.

Secondly, as a leader or CEO, you are called upon to take decisions in the interest of the organization. You don’t always physically perform all the functions or work on a project. We help you to understand and develop yourself as well as identify the people around “you” who will give results. Basically, we teach the entire team to get support from ‘nature’ while executing there assigned jobs. Such support from ‘nature’ is a must for any person who is responsible for giving results.

Who can benefit:

  • All decision makers
  • Scientists who are engaged in interpretation activities but are unable to give tangible results
  • Sick people who feel disheartened despite their best efforts as they are trapped in a vicious circle of degenerative disease
  • Middle-aged executives who are burdened with responsibilities
  • Persons with ambition who find themselves trapped in a vicious circle of failures
  • Professionals who find ‘home’ a place of problems, as they feel unable to create through discontents and divergent views
  • Couples despite loving too much can’t tolerate the presence of the other partner
  • Students who are planning to prove themselves in an open market
  • Married working-women, despite their biological fitness, who are facing the problem of infertility
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