Psychology, Not Psephology, is the key

Psychology, not psephology, is the key: Psychological tests, among other things, reveals the personality of the person and other things which could help a candidate sail through the turbulent waters of electioneering.


Indian compact newspaper., MID-DAY, DELHI

He is Not a Fortune Teller But a Visionary

He is not a fortune teller but a visionary.

Dated: Feb. 5, 1996.

Dainik Tribune

Indian Newspaper , Dainik Tribune, Chandigarh

You Can Do That People Cannot Imagine!

You are not wrong. Your problem is what, you can do people cannot imagine. They have already thought of this is beyond human Endeavour. Once you are able to break this blockage people like me will be waiting in a queue.

(Late) Shri Puri,

Director , Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited(HPCL).

Dr. Gupta An Expert in Human Psychology

Dr. Gupta an expert in human psychology was appointed to carry out an analysis of each individual including mine. He was very accurate about individual potentials of people and their IQ. He followed me to Cement Corporation of India and ONGC.

Col. S.P. Wahi

Former Chairman in ‘Leading from the front: From Army to Corporate World’, ONGC

If I Am Afraid of Any Body He is Dr. Gupta

If I am afraid of any body he is Dr. Gupta who is so thorough in his assessment that, no one can put a finger on his interpretation.

S.K. Manglik,

Member (Technical), ONGC after discussing the results of his senior officers working in Technical Business Group, ONGC

You Have Given Meaning to Interpretation Skills

We teach psychology and psychological testing to students but you have given meaning to interpretation skills.

(Late) Dr. S.S. Khumar,

Head Deptt. of Psychology who after getting heart attack in January’ 82 which was foretold in August’ 81.

Anybody Can Write With Efforts

Anybody can write with efforts. You write without cuts/changes, not a page but the whole book is really appreciable.

-After witnessing the manuscript of ‘Aao Jeevan Mein Rang Bharen’.

D.C. Thapliyal,

Chief Engineer (E&T) and Official Language Officer, ONGC

It Was a Chance Whenever I Had Some Problem

It was a chance whenever I had some problem, the relevant chapter opened in the book which was dealing with my problem. So I could overcome my problem.

Vichitra Singhal,

A Reader and a friend who was suffering with enlarged heart, hyper tension and diabetes.

You Under Estimate Your Writing

You underestimate your writing. I am a voracious reader of self-help books written in various languages. Your book has given better answers to my questions.

-who was worshiping the God through the book, ‘Gauravshali Jeevan Kaise Jiyen’.

Jagdish Chandra,

DGM (MM) and a Room Partner While ONGC , ONGC, Nazira (Assam)

Reference Book For All Those Who Desire To Develop

Kuldeep Chandra spoke on telephone …… I have gone through your book, ‘Gauravshali Jeevan Kaise Jiyen’. Get it translated into English. It will be a reference book for all those who desire to develop.

Kuldeep Chandra

Ex-Executive Director, KDMIPE, ONGC.