Un-Married Politicians – Good or Bad


Improving Quality of Life of the Masses?

Dr. Vinod K. Gupta,

Thinker, Writer & Psychologist

It will not be justified if I don’t refer to Devi Saptshati, a very famous book on war between Devatas and Rakshas. After rainy season 7,8, or 9 days fast is observed by Hindu families either before Dussehra for celebrating festival in favour of Devi Durga. After Holi similar fast is observed by Hindus in favour of Devi Kali. I am referring the festival in favour of Devi kali.

The war was on when Raktbeej (Rakshas) took charge. Devi Durga was fighting from the side of Devatas. The quality of Raktbeej was from single drop of his blood hundred Rakshas were being created. It was difficult to defeat him by Devi Durga only. Hence, Devi Parvati wife of Lord Shankar became furious. As a result, aggression converted her into Devi Kali. Out of anger, she said to Devi Durga, “You kill him, I will swallow all his blood.” Since not a single drop of blood fallen on the ground, Raktbeej was killed.

After Raktbeej there was none whose blood to be swallow by Devi Kali, but she was furiously adamant to swallow the blood. Imagining the consequences, all the Devatas were horrified and requested Lord Shankar to pacify Devi Kali. Finally, Lord Shiva laid down under her feet which made her quiet. You must have witnessed pictures on Calendars. Devi kali is standing on the chest of Lord Shankar in a very furious pose for swallowing the blood.

Lord Shiva is the only one among the three lords who had a family and ventured into ‘woman psychology of sex’. That is why he is known as the one who has conquered Kam-Dev, a Devata of Sex. The whole episode refers to aggression of woman which cannot be pacified unless she had tasted the joy of ‘orgasm’ with a loved one. Now, the same loved one must accept aggression and surrender before her to feel pacified.

Let us come to present day situation. Today, two politicians are there who have not married – Mamta Banerjee, known as Didi and Mayawati, known as Bahenjee. I know Mamta Banerjee when she was President of NSUI, West Bengal. She has been fire-brand lady and very aggressive. Sex of woman have been managed by Indian culture by marrying her in young age and by forcing her to give birth to children. As a result, she is being engaged in nourishing and nurturing the children. Then, after this phase what happens?

Her aggression cannot be managed through giving sermons of morality. A man may be very brave but cannot feel comfortable with continuous flow of blood from some wound. On the other hand, a woman from the age 11 or 12 witnesses flow of blood every month which continues up to the age 45 years or so. Therefore, once furious she cannot be pacified by any means. Unless she experiences joy of orgasm in the company of loved one.

Now both are involved in financial corrupt practices. Mayawati is involved in disproportionate assets and spending public money in building her statues and elephants. She justifies her disproportionate assets given by public. Who the public is?  Business tycoons who make money through corrupt practices. Once I was told by a Manager of School where my wife was a teacher. 90 to 95% financial support is given by Government and we have to add 5 to 10% from our pocket. Means getting donations from public. No one donates. What your wife must do is “She will pay advance money i.e. 10,000/=. Interest of which will be used as ‘public donation’.” Hence, she will get her full scale as salary.

With this experience you can imagine how Mayawati has allowed corrupt practice during her tenure. Likewise, Mamta Banerjee has been found connected with Sarda Chit Fund Scam. Report submitted by CBI to Supreme Court. The court has found clear evidence of Mamta’s direct connection. Wearing chappals and plain saree is her style to impress. Otherwise, she is very obstinate and aggressive. Her vote bank is Muslims from Bangladesh and Myanmar and TMC workers. Most of them are   involved in criminal activities. Today, she is a threat to federal government of the country because she challenges defence personnel to be deployed for the protection of the country.

Similarly, who are the vote bank of Mayawati? Muslims, backward and reserved categories of Hindus. Don’t think other politicians are not involved. Both have supporters from other category of politicians.

Think of security of Mother Earth. I feel leaders are ill of civilization who have divided Mother Earth into Mother or Father Land. Politicians are worst ill of civilization who have divided Mother Earth into States. Politician converted into criminal, psychopath or terrorist is a threat to Mother Earth.

Likewise, think of quality of life. As per Natural Selection, Nature questions living or non-living, “Why should you be allowed to survive?” In animal kingdom each one is a prey. Sometimes, hyenas kill old and sick lion and eat. In democracy, it is ‘quality of life’ that decides.

Similarly, Nature questions, “Why should you be given support by people, events and Natural Resources?” Introspect has anyone either Mamta or Maya or Media (print or electronic) have prepared you? In fact, democracy especially elections are to exploit both the Mother Earth and you. In fact, they don’t bother about such an important aspect which matter for your living with pride.

I feel life is great than any description of the world. While going for casting our precious vote we must differentiate between a leader and a criminal. Even at local level, finally who is going to support a leader. As criminal he/she will not allow you to live life with pride. In fact, you are the monarch for one day, but this day will decide your future. Remember! Freedom cannot be enjoyed without paying the cost. Any politician going to give you favour by any means like loan waver, employment, etc.  will extract from your life by other means. That is, direct or in-direct taxes. Therefore, please cast your vote in favour of the one who will help you living with pride.

Dr. Vinod K. Gupta,Thinker, Writer & Psychologist

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