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Medical scientists expect in near future that the lifespan will be extended to 150 years. It is possible, in case organ transplantation becomes available to all people. But the crises of modern living is ‘loneliness’ and squeezed radius of trust in relations. The book attempts to provide ways and means through which one can extend the size of trust radius.

This book reports the results and observations conducted through a series of experiments over 101 days of tests, training inputs and does it yourself exercise. Theoretical aspects of helping ONGC people who developed chronic sickness and which was affecting their working have been presented in a lively manner. Since I feel I am a born teacher of old students, therefore, I used my teaching skills to convey training materials to the general masses. If anyone is trapped in a vicious circle of sickness, failure, and black mood and is willing to break the vicious circle, he will find the book more interesting.

ISBN : 81 – 288 – 1884 – 4, 9798128818843

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