For the induction of graduate trainees, psychological tests were carried out in the old building of IDT, ONGC, Dehradun. I was acting as psychologist – cum – invigilator in the hall. One job aspirant, while I was moving in his direction, he was filling the questionnaire very seriously. The moment I was walking in opposite direction he was filling the answer sheet abruptly without reading the questions from the booklet of the 16 PF.

Mr. Kesho Ram Goyal, AO (P&A) was observing that guy very keenly. He invited me to observe him.  I observed his behavior and said, “Don’t worry. He will score ‘zero’ on this, Factor – ‘G’, I indicated through my finger.” While scoring the answer sheet with hand scoring key, he obtained ‘zero’ on Factor – ‘G’. “How did you know?” Goyal asked. “He was cheating while responding to the questions asked. It was a moral issue and Factor – ‘G’ measures such issues very accurately,” I replied.

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