*Reptile mentality refers to the underdeveloped limbic system. Snake is very sensitive to cold and hot temperatures. During extremities, it is only concerned with its safety ignoring all other needs of the body.

*Limbic system is the portion of the brain that deals with memories, emotions and the stimulations. It is located above the brain stem and under the cerebral cortex.

*Thalamus is responsible for detecting and relaying information from our senses such as smell and vision. It is a keyboard of the brain.

*Hypothalamus is responsible for multiple chemical messengers called hormones. These hormones control water level in the body, sleep cycle, body temperature and food intake.

*Cingulate Gyrus serves as a pathway that transmits messages between inner and outer portion of limbic system.

*Amygdalae are two almond-shaped clusters of nerve cells and are responsible for preparing the body for emergency situations. They assist in the development of memories, particularly those related to emotions and emergency. They play a major role in pleasure and sexual arousal. In absence of actualization need, one may go for domestic violence and rape the wife even.

*Hippocampus is responsible for converting short-term memory into long-term memory. It is the easiest target of stress if continues for a longer duration. Damage to hippocampus may cause memory loss. Alzheimer is the final stage of damage to the hippocampus.

*Basal Ganglia is a collection of nerve cells responsible for coordinating the movements in posture. It helps to block unwanted movements from occurring and directly connects with the cerebrum. Aasanas of Yoga along with meditation does miracles as they help in coordinating the movements of various limbs but also physiological as well as bio-chemical habits of the body. Thus, helps in keeping the mind and body in optimal effectiveness.

It is a very dry subject and difficult to absorb through open eye as it is coated with the mythological cult. Let us try to understand the example of electioneering campaign. For example, despite all the criticism from media as well as heads of friendly countries Donald Trump has been successful in getting nomination from Republican Party for the election of US Presidency. How and why? President Obama is an excellent orator and a lawyer by profession. Common American got frustrated by his orator ship. Obama Health Insurance Scheme is his one of the much-publicized program claimed by Obama. A poor American lady expressed her dissatisfaction, ‘for my insurance I have to pay 1300 dollars for getting any treatment. How can I manage 1300 dollars?’

This is the reptile mentality of the common man that forces him/her to see only personal well-being with regard to long-standing longings. Donald Trump being business tycoon is capable to understand the pulse of common American. The result is he succeeded despite severe criticism of media and intellectuals.

Question: Can you brief regarding Reptile Mentality?

Dr. Gupta – In animal kingdom snake is the only animal that possesses cerebrum. Prior to snake all the animals are survived through instinct but the snake can make decision. Due to its underdeveloped limbic system snake is controlled by hot and cold temperatures. Since mythological cults have made the snake a super animal, therefore common man worships as representative of God. Otherwise, our limbic system is mainly concerned with ‘well-being’. In case, anybody who has not tasted the nectar of ‘actualization’ needs, rest assured he/she will focus on personal well-being. That is, he may go for family violence or rape his wife under the attack of rage. On the other hand, practice of Yoga, Pranayama, and meditation can help the person to transform from security needs to actualization needs.

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