Shri M.K. Mathur, Retd. Joint Secretary, Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs was a consultant with ONGC in 1988. His wife was admitted to Pant Hospital, New Delhi for the operation of malignant tumor in the abdomen.  Before the operation, she was advised for CAT scan whose reports were very poor. Mr. Mathur was very upset as she was continuing with the complications of heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. As per the report of CAT scan, the chances for the success of the operation were only 10%.

The day I came to know about Mrs. Mathur, I was to go to Dehradun on tour and my reservation was confirmed. The 16 PF or any time-consuming test was not possible to administer.

It was our first meeting. I conducted Luscher’s Color Test on her. I always knew the strengths and weaknesses of my instruments. I was banking upon the movements of ‘Red’ color in her both the choices. During emergency forward movement of ‘Red’ color was indicative of the ‘desire’ of the patient to ‘fight’ and ‘win’ with the disease. It was sufficient for me for projecting the data into future.

Apparently, results of the CAT scan were making me apprehensive. After the experience of Mitraji, Senior VP, DCB; I learned to begin with ‘clean-slate’ while interpreting the data. I could successfully peep into the future through the data gathered. “This is not counseling I am practicing with you. This is neither fortune telling nor a kind of miracle I am going to profess. The way you are maintaining your inner calm and your readiness to meet the future eventuality – all this give me hope that your operation would be successful. You will be returning back to your home with smiling face. What will happen next, that I don’t know,” I interpreted the results?

After a month Mr. Mathur informed that the operation was successful. In fact, doctors of Pant Hospital were surprising, “How did the CAT scan reveal wrong information?” By now I was able to transfer the results of the Color Test into the language of the 16 PF or vice versa.

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