I was introduced to Shri Ravi Verma, Chief Interpreter in British High Commission. “Dr. Gupta, it’s a news to me that psychological tests can predict the performance. I am to select ‘secretary-cum-stenographer’ for a local firm in Chawri Bazar. Why don’t you come and demonstrate you will be remunerated?” Mr. Verma offered. I rejected eight candidates and selected a candidate that too without seeing his performance. You know what happened?

Mr. Verma was busy with dictation to one aspirant of the job. One person came with folded hands. Mr. Verma asked me to give the test to him. I gave the CPF (Contact Personality Factor Test), Hindi Version to him. After scoring I found he was falling into my preconceived criteria. I recommended him. When Mr. Verma judged his performance; he found it was surprising. His shorthand speed was 120 words per minutes and his typing speed was 60 words per minutes. I warned Mr. Verma that he would not stick to the job with a low salary. At present, he might accept the job as he had been unemployed for not less than one or two years. This I interpreted on the basis of his scores on Factor – ‘E’ and ‘Q2’. He had been out of a job for more than 18 months. You see, the CPF is a good tool to get an overview whether the salaries company is offering to its staff are commensurating with the output of the employee or there is a need to rotate him for better results?

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